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3DThe BIG-E 1:1 Scale in Minecraft

Flibble42Flibble42171 Posts: 0Member
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My brother is building the USS Enterprise 1701 motion picture version in Minecraft.
I think his progress is rather impressive given the limitations of Minecrafts 1 meter
blocks, also he has done some creative re-texturing of the materials.

I hope he doesn't mind me posting a link to his gallery on Google+.

Hope the link works..
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  • biotechbiotech171 Posts: 0Member
  • DannageDannage236 Posts: 634Member
    Always like seeing this sort of thing. :)

    Someone did a Galaxy class, took the video audience through a tour of the interior, was much fun... in a geeky sort of a way. :)

    This one is also looking cool!
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