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Practical40k Baneblade

TankboyTankboy0 Posts: 2Member
edited May 2012 in Finished Work #1
Model Tanks 002.JPGModel Tanks 001.JPGModel Tanks 003.JPGModel Tanks 004.JPG

This is something I'm still working on, but its finished enough to call it "Finished"

Its hand painted, and I replaced or added a few parts using aluminum tubing and brass wire. I also shave all kinds of rivets off it, as the stock model looked like it was suffering from Measles or Chicken Pox, or something.

Believe it or not, that camo job works. I'll eventually try posting some pics of it in terrain later. Anyways...let me know what you think.
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  • tbdtbd0 Posts: 0Member
    A bit low quality on the pics, I assume you have used a phone to take it?
  • TankboyTankboy0 Posts: 2Member
    tbd wrote: »
    A bit low quality on the pics, I assume you have used a phone to take it?

    No, they're digital conversions of a still shot I took with a video camera. I was also in a rush and didn't have a tripod available. That's part of the reason I'm holding off on showing the camo in action.
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