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Looking for a certain Pepsi Concorde Model and Delta Airlines models.

MauimanMauiman0 Posts: 4Member
edited May 2012 in General Discussion #1
Hello there all.

Some time ago There was a fully operational site called which offered a whole slew of card passenger Jet airlines. One of which is the Pepsi Concorde and I have been searching for it for years and been wanting it for years and I could come up with nothing but pictures of peoples builds.

What I want is the sheet that has the plane on it. I can do the rest as far as printing, cutting, Gluing, taping, E.T.C. Heck I have kept a corner of my ceiling vacant for this plane for many years as well.

I found the general place where it would be but it went 404 and if it was not 404 I probably would not have been able to download it. GRR
Here is the link so you will see what it is that I am talking about

aside from the Concorde I am wondering if any one here has any thing from Delta Airlines which I want the whole kit and kabootle that is made from the same guy James Messner who ran Airigami?

Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks



Okay I found some concord's but not the Pepsi concord. Which right now I am feeling like Mario with a toad saying that the princess is in another castle. T_T

Here's the three of them and perhaps if you are better than me at photo editing maybe you can take the blank template of it and make that in to a Pepsi concord 8),

If all else fails I could e-mail them to you so that way you could have them.

Now let's work on getting the Pepsi Concord.

Thanks for your time and help.
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  • MauimanMauiman0 Posts: 4Member
    Well after getting a little impatient for the Pepsi concord I decided to take the blank template and find some decals and a font which thank heavens I found both of those and go to work

    May not be exactly like it but it is enough for me right now at this time. Though if any one wishes to fix the wing stripes then be my guest and post that which I tried to free hand it with a mouse. Tomorrow I am going to print it out and go to work with cutting and assembly work on it and post some pictures of it which it is going to be hung so landing gears are not going to be necessary :P

    How ever with the Delta airlines bit I am still wanting the whole kit and kabootle of them from Airagami. Why? I promised some one a birthday gift and it has to be Delta Airlines.

    Thanks for any help that you guys give to me on this one and hope you guys enjoy the Concorde.
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