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Eldar Swooping Hawk

cassarcassar0 Posts: 7Member
edited May 2012 in Finished Work #1
heres my latest sculpt Eldar swooping hawk




Post edited by cassar on


  • rojrenrojren282 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,457Member
    Wow. Nice. How long does something like that take?
    "Tradition: Letting dead people make your decisions for you."
    -- Sir Terry Pratchett (paraphrase)
  • cassarcassar0 Posts: 7Member
    Hi started it around the end of March so roughly a month or more, thanks for looking :)
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_180622 Posts: 8,323Member
    Wow, fantastic work. Really fast too. (I don't sculpt, so I'm assuming it's fast, it sounds fast to me. ;))
  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    That is indeed fast work, for that much detail. Nice job!
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