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3D3D roleplay character - Hrefna

EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
edited May 2011 in Work in Progress #1
hmm... to start off, sorry if there's anything wrong with post format or such, it is our first own thread here.

we have currently (these past few weeks) been working on the side on a project of adapting and creating a 3D character for a stargate-themed forum roleplay (not launched yet, but thats another story) and wonder what others think of it...
The character is meant to be a member of the Lucian Alliance, trained in combat, but not really a warrior.

Basic details about model:
  • Program used: Google Sketchup 8 Pro
  • Time used: A lot.
  • Base meshes (public domain): Body from here, cloak base from here and hair from here. The weapon was downloaded from this site, then adapted slightly to work in Sketchup.
  • Type of adaptations/changes: Clothes created, body reshaped in various points, all textures modified.

We started the project on the 10th of April, and worked on it every now and then...
The first parts we did was removing and filling out areas like the reproductive organs, since we intended to make a full body suit, and such just would not do to have there.
We constructed rudimentary clothes, without much of any surface details, then added tubes along the edges to act as seams.
For practical reasons, we'll link the images here, rather than use IMG tags... there's fairly many of them...
The earliest version of it that we recorded screencaps is this:

The clothes were still at an alpha-stage, the body not really reshaped yet, and the hair mesh unchanged... the main change was the above described, and numerous changes to texture colors... We had also added a series of runic tattoos on the left shoulder, drawn directly onto the skin.

The next point we worked on was to create partial body armor, mainly on the right arm but also on the left arm and knees. This we later abandoned as it did not really work out. The armor was based on segmented plates. First version of the armor was the same texture as the clothes, but was later changed to a silvery texture.

The next step we performed was to build a black cloth hood, sort of like the top of a Sith robe from star wars. Before we could do this, we had to "cut" the hair from going to mid-back to stopping just short of the shoulders. First we cut it to an exact length with straight edges and all that, then we roughened up the edges, making the hair look realistic once again.
We looked around public domain sources for a good hood base, but ended up having to construct most of it ourselves, as none of suitable quality could be found. We used the same style for the edges here as we did on the clothes.
About halfway through this work, we ended up abandoning the armor, as it just did not fit. Not long after getting the hood fitted with the shoulder plates, of course.

It was around this time we also adapted the weapon for the hand, basing it on a Zat'nik'tel model found download-able here on sci-fi meshes. Not sure about author right now. slight modifications were done to it to give it functionality in Sketchup, but the base mesh was excellent, if low in polygon count compared to the rest of the model.

We also abandoned the first clothes design at this time, removing the bikini-like overlay and shrinking the chest somewhat in this region, as well as constructing a nipple-less breast surface.

The step following this was to add (after lots of complaints about the hood from another) a cloak to match the hood. Apparently the hood just didn't fit without a cloak...
This image shows the cloak before any real changes were made aside from the re-texturing. It was not yet attached to the body. no images were taken between the pre-attachment and the finished, adapted cloak but there's a few with the finished one...

We had to construct a new attachment section as well as a section that covered the right shoulder, which took some time. We also reshaped much of the cloak, as well as stretching it out to a proper length.

At this point, as can be seen from the last images, the work on the next stage of the clothes had begun with several near-black panels having been added. Some of those have later been removed. The basis for these panels was gained from looking up images of futuristic female armors and stealing ideas from those. (ideas only, mind you, no meshes)

The armor plate project ground to a halt until we figured out that the near-horizontal bands at mid-torso and over the knees did not work with the design, and were removed.
After these bands were removed, we drew plates on the meeting-point of the body halves, resulting in three main plates above each other.

The next step now was one of the harder ones, since it required significant modification of almost half the chest. Apparently the anatomy on the model was incorrect, as the breasts had been pointed too much outwards, leaving an overly large breastbone and an unnatural look (not something we discovered ourselves...). This required us to carefully rotate them inwards, and scaling them in various directions one bit at a time, until they were somewhat more correct. Due to the way the model is constructed, and the way sketchup operates, this had to be done in piecemeal. Later on, after this had been done we had to even out the edges on the chest again, as they had gotten rather wobbly in the change., leaving many uneven segments and jagged points.
This image should show the model before the change, while these ones here shows it afterwards

These last few images also show some changes to the central plates, where we moved the surface out, making them actually project from the body.
It was also during this stage we began the process of reshaping the head so that it would be unique. Changes were among the following:
  • Flattening the top of the head (not really visible)
  • Thinning and flattening of the nose
  • repairing lips so that they had no holes
  • increasing head height
  • lowering the bottom of the lower jaw
  • shrinking the head sideways
  • flattening the chins a bit

ok, thats pretty much where we're at now...

funny/statistical details about model:
Static. Not animated.
Edges: 211 486
Faces: 124 318
Components used: 107
Components defined: 38
Materials: 6
Layers: 18

Comments? questions? etc?
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  • colbmistacolbmista0 Posts: 0Member
    looks mor e starwarsie then stargate
  • EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
    thanks for the comment...

    thats probably due to the cloak & the eyes... that is somewhat starwarsey, yes...

    characters tend to be more neutral between shows... usually defined by uniforms... (or strange heads & limbs in the case of aliens)

    What do you think would make it less starwarsey and more stargatey?
  • EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
    ok, we updated it somewhat again...

    After a bit of trial and error with the final black plates, we got the right ones in place, and deemed that section finished. Because it looked better, and since it would remove a bit of the starwarsey feel, we shifted the color hue on the eyes 197 points up, from red to a cold blue...
  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    I'm getting a broken link for your last update.
  • EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
    That is odd... It works for us... tried reloading it? someone else had trouble with one of those images yesterday, and they got it working when reloading... Must be Photobucket acting up...

    anyways, made a few more minor changes, splitting up the plate covering the thigh as well as lowering its bottom so it would match better with the one right above the knees...
    we also shortened the throat 1cm yesterday, while keeping the neck still looking natural... The recent head reshaping had caused the eyes to move upwards, making them almost perpetually hidden by the hood.

    we added the latest image as attachment to this post...
  • EgeriaEgeria61 Posts: 0Member
    Now we've pretty much gotten near the finishing point, though we may decide to fix more on it later, if we get any good ideas...

    this is the finished product (for now at least)...
    oh, and we also set up a simple copy of it with completely different textures, just to see how much difference it would make...

    we'll check in on this topic, so feel free to comment...
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