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3DJovian Chronicles - JSS Yuri Gagarin

AdaraelAdarael0 Posts: 0Member
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Long time lurker, but I don't think I've ever posted before. Figured I'd jump in and start a WIP thread for my first real project in several years, but if I'm doing this wrong, please, let me know.

The ship is the JSS Yuri Gagarin, from the tabletop RPG Jovian Chronicles; the ship's basic design was laid out by Marc A Vezina in Ships of the Jovian Confederation, Vol. 1, and it's the first of its kind.

Currently I think I'm pretty much done with the "basic" modelling, and I've moved on to texturing and detail work. I've also ended up using Ozylot, Aceman and Jedilaw's greebles & nurnies because I am lazy and I haaaate making nurnies. Besides, their packages are awesome. I'll probably start replacing them with ship-specific nurnies eventually, but right now I need them there to give my eye some idea of how things will end up looking with all the gubbins attached.



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  • Mikey-BMikey-B0 Posts: 0Member
    Wow looking good. I recently picked up the pdfs for the Ships of The Jovian Confederation. I used to have the printed version.. What do you use for your 3D modeler?
  • AdaraelAdarael0 Posts: 0Member
    3ds Max, ever since 3d Studio Max 2 was released and there was a copy in my school's library. Currently it's 3ds Max 2011.

    I've tinkered around in Maya for some work-related things, but never really gotten deep into it. I probably should, though.
  • AdaraelAdarael0 Posts: 0Member
    Been kinda slammed at work, but I recently freed up some time to get back to this. I realized I was unhappy with the level of detail in certain areas, so it's time to add more detail on sections I've been neglecting. First up is the drive section.

    I'm in the process of greebling it up - obviously, not done yet.

  • deltapaxdeltapax0 Posts: 0Member
    Awesome, that looks great. I've been bummed for a while that the Jovian Chronicles minis game seems to be on indefinite hiatus. Are you going to do more in the fleets?
  • AdaraelAdarael0 Posts: 0Member
    That's the plan, at least for as long as I have time. I'd like to make a Pathfinder or a Wyvern - some kind of bog-standard Exo - so that I can have some fun with IK & rigging. I think, however, that it'll be faster if I don't spend as much time greebling the crap out of my models. Which I'm doing now. :/
  • deltapaxdeltapax0 Posts: 0Member
    I collected all the fleet books because I loved the ship designs- I always wanted to see models of the Jovian Corsair frigate and CEGA Hydra PDB. I wasn't a big fan of the mechs except the ones that looked like the were designed for space- The CEGA Syreen and Fury and the Venusian Sakura. But the Jovian Lancer fighter was sweet. I can imagine the mecs would be even more complicated, especially if you were gonna rig them to move.
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