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3DPower armor

zubruuzubruu0 Posts: 0Member
edited April 2011 in Work in Progress #1
Here is my design of power armor, based on Fallout design. Now I'm working on texturing. How you like it? Any suggestions?
C&c welcomed.
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  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    It looks to me like the upper bicep area might make it hard to reach over his head.
    Otherwise it's an interesting design and project.
  • L2KL2K0 Posts: 0Member
    tights too long and neck too low for human proportions..
    otherwise, proportions are ok.

    and fallout style :)
  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    try and make a basic human form, apply some armatures, with the rotation restraints that the basic human body has. When everything poses normally, parent the different body sections to armor that protects it. Other words ball joints for shoulder, elbow, hands, knees, so on . When you can pose the test body,then add the armor, making sure logical rotations around joints is achieved. watch the irom man movie. That was a very good example, if not, google medievel armor
  • Randy TjangRandy Tjang0 Posts: 0Member
    Fre'dni wrote: »
    watch the irom man movie. That was a very good example
    *gets my fanboy on*
    WOOT! Iron Man!
    anyway, it looks great except you should move the knee joint up about 20-30%.
  • Fre'dniFre'dni0 Posts: 0Member
    I tell you what, if you "Buffed up" the model, would make a great Mech Warrior model
  • zubruuzubruu0 Posts: 0Member
    After several mesh corrections and a little bit of new color. Enjoy. Hope it looks better ;)
  • zubruuzubruu0 Posts: 0Member
    Laser rifle. Made in a break ;) Enjoy. C&C welcome :)
  • zubruuzubruu0 Posts: 0Member
    After doing blenderguru tutorial I put in something from myself ;)
    Waiting for comments and critique :)
  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
    Speaking as a Fallout 3 fanboy, all I got to say is, "i shoot the barrels and then go hunt for where his body parts landed and take the armor".
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