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3DAn Eve Online Render

NymainNymain0 Posts: 0Member
edited November 2010 in Work in Progress #1
This is an effects test of a decloaking ship from EVE online, just putting it out there to see a response to it.


As always please comment and critique

Cheers Nymain
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  • JennyJenny1 Posts: 0Member
    It's an interesting effect, but I kind of feel like I want to see the inside structure of the ship at some point, as parts of the hull are still transparent.
  • Lord OvermindLord Overmind0 Posts: 5Member
    Cool. How did you do this though?
  • NymainNymain0 Posts: 0Member
    Basically rendered out a 'normal' sequence (the ship with full textures and lighting) then did 2 mask layers, one for where the ship would be visible (a noise map layer) and one where it only shows the edges of the ship (using a Colour curve and only selected where the noise filter was at an edge).
    Rendered out passes of each and then loaded in fusion where I merged all three passes together then added the 'electricity' bit on the edge pass to give it a better feel
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