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3DShips Of The Starfleet Museum



  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    I wouldn't even know where to start. :D
  • TrekologistTrekologist0 Posts: 0Member
    Looking forward to seeing the avenger class! Do you use the bevel with extrude to get your hull lines? If so, how much do you extrude? Your lines are clean... thx again. Agreed though, tuts would be awesome... u r a beast.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    For Hull lines I'll make either a cut or a slice. Then I pick the edges to make the hull lines and I chamfer them to get the thickness I want. I then choose the new polygons and do a bevel with a negative extrusion. And I change the outline to look like this / instead of this l_l. Saves on polygons. Make sure you weld the vertices.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Added the airlocks and RCS system.
    I've got all the panel lines done and the impulse engines are now part of the ship.
    I've got started on the missile launchers. Here you can see one side with the doors open and the other side with the doors closed.
  • RAF-MXRAF-MX10 Posts: 0Member
    Fantastic work XFozzboute ! awesome !
    Gran trabajo amigo!!
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Thank you. :D
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    I think the build on this ship is done. I might still change the main side cannons but I have not decided yet.

    The missile bay doors are closed.
    The missile bays are open and the launchers are retracted. I've included some dummy missiles.
    The missile bays are open and the launchers are extended for launch.
    This is a look at the scale of the ships I've made so far.
  • somacruz145somacruz1450 Posts: 0Member
    Those ships sure do look weird :D Nice models anyway. They look a bit simple compared to your other works but I guess that's the way they were designed. Looking forward to seeing the whole museum remade ! (that would make yet another ENDLESS thread to SFM's database :p)
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Thanks. They are simple and that's why I chose to do them. Most of my stuff takes awhile for me to finish so I wanted to do something I could wip together in a few days between projects just to keep myself busy and not bored.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Started to texture the ship. I’m trying to limit the amount of dirt and stuff that I normally do. It still needs a few tweaks because some of it is too much and some of it isn’t enough.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    I finished off the warp engine textures and started on the secondary hull.
  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    Nice textures.
    But I'm looking at the turret on the belly of the secondary hull.
    The forward hull would impinge on the turrets arc. But if the turret was moved further aft, it would reduce this effect.
    Just my two cents worth, so feel free to ignore it. :-)
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Changing the placement of the belly gun would change it too much from the drawing plus I'd have to go back and redo alot of work. The two large side guns will take care of what the belly gun can't
  • PagrinPagrin171 Posts: 0Member
    Arrrr. I've just read the start of the thread and seen your link to the Museum. I wasn't aware you were working to existing designs. Sorry for the distraction, I'll get back in my box now. ;)
  • FreakFreak1077 Posts: 4,351Member
    Looking Good.
  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
    More, More, Encore, Encore!
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Thank you. D:

    The secondary hull textures are done and the ones for the belly cannon are nearly there.
    I forgot to add the 33 to the texture on top of the secondary hull last time so I've done it this time.
    Started to texture the back of the primary hull. Ignore the purple on the side it's not going to stay that way.
    How it looks so far with the rest of the ship.
  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
    XFozzboute wrote: »
    Ignore the purple on the side it's not going to stay that way.
    I'm assuming thats a place holder for a later texture?
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on this ship so I took a look at it again. All I really need to do is finish up a few textures and I’m done.
    And a sneek peek at the Krechet.
  • Capt DaveCapt Dave0 Posts: 0Member
    Yah! More, More!
  • cavebearcavebear178 Posts: 623Member
    Fantastic! These are great ships and I am glad you are taking the time do make them come alive :thumb:
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Started on textures for torpedoe doors and side cannons.
    A shot with torpedoe doors down.
    Added airlock textures and more work done on the side cannons.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Ok. I'm done. It's far from perfect but I'm happy with it as it is.:D
  • kborakkborak1 Posts: 0Member
    WOW X that is awesome. Great work really!
  • FreakFreak1077 Posts: 4,351Member
    Very Nice
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    This is the new project I plan on focusing on while dealing with my brother’s health problems and making sure my father and I are not legally responsible for his hospital bills. Since I’m useing my Amarillo mesh as a base to work from I’ve had to make a few changes. I’ve rebuilt the entire secondary hull and added RDS thrusters to it. I’ve also filled in the holes on the side tof the primary hull. I’m also testing a new unpainted metal on the secondary hull that I plan on useing on another ship..
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Getting most of the base textures done on the secondary hull. After that I’ll get to work on the small amount of signage.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    The secondary hull is now finished. IA’ll now focus on fixing up the textures on the warp engines.
  • XFozzbouteXFozzboute651 Posts: 1,627Member
    Finally rebuilt the sides of the primary hull and attached the warp engines. I just need to adjust the textures to get rid of that circle. I also tested a frosted glass texture on the back of the warp engines.
    And I've started to block in the UES Torsk.
  • kborakkborak1 Posts: 0Member
    Fozz are you just going down the line? If you are, will you be doing the 22nd century ships as well? I ask because I know you were doing these ships due to their simple nature. I have been going to the museums website for a long while now and have always wanted to see the ships done with the kind of care and "realism" that you have shown with the first four ships.
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