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3DCharacter concept

PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
edited September 2010 in Work in Progress #1
In a step away from Starships, here is a character I'm currently working on for a Cyberpunk game with some friends.
He's the classic over cybered up heavy combat wombat character.

So far I have most of the stuff modeled and in place. I just have his left hand to do.
From the notes its a cross between a hand, and a multi-tool pocket knife kinda thing. So I have to try and build as many hand tools etc into it as I can.
the first version won't morph or move or anything, other than the wrist bending.
As always comments welcome.
Pagrin :-)
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  • L2KL2K0 Posts: 0Member
    he needs usb slots. and maybe an sd card drive.

    so far so good.
    maybe the head is a little low. try raising it a couple of centimeters.
    i like the foot.
    tear of the pants to show the mechanics :D
  • PagrinPagrin0 Posts: 0Member
    Most of the work was done by Poser and Daz's Micheal 4/Freak 4. I'm just added in the cyberwear really.
    But here's the updates.
    I have gotten the hand in place and done a little tweeking to get the scale of the arm right.
    His eye's have been re-textured to add Company logo's and product names to the irises
    Strangely however getting a feather for his hair is proving to be a bit of a pain in the a$$.

    Also here is a group shot of the team of four. The character in the background is a recurring NPC. He's a sleaze but a great mechanic, called Ratboy.

    The next step is to make a few more of the supporting cast and start work on a few sets for them.
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