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3DFarscape test..

markmasseymarkmassey425 StaffordshirePosts: 556Member
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This might be a little premature to upload this image because its very rough, but IA’m sat in work waiting for my machine to finish rendering, so I thought id see how my moya and talyn look together in a scene..

I've been modelling these models for what seems like forever, this is the first time IA’ve put them into a scene or even had them in the same file together.. They have just come to life, and now I want to get them finished so I can do more and have them animated...

I thought IA’d post this image to add to the few farscape images on the site..
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  • Halo BuffHalo Buff171 Posts: 0Member
    Not a bad start. I haven't seen those shows for ever.
  • I.g.(.I.g.(.0 Posts: 0Member
    Ahhh good! Finally someone puts some of Farscape here ^^.
    I'm watching it everyday for the first time and I'm really enjoing it.
    I've got satellite-tv for the first time just a month ago so I'm finally watching many shows I've always been told about but I've never seen like Babylon 5 and Andromeda wich in italy has never been on the "normal" tv.
    Here on sfm Babylon and Andomeda are quite popular but I've never seen anything on farscape so I think your work is really important
    and really good ^^
    keep it on pls
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