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Practical1:100 scale Zaku Kai

tetsujintetsujin0 Posts: 0Member
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I started my first Blender project a few years back in order to refine the 3-D design for this, my first full scratchbuild. It's still work in progress, of course...

It's got a leg now. I can't say "it's got a leg to stand on", though, 'cause there's no hip, knee, or ankle joints installed...

Zaku Kai Update: 2010-1-20

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  • tetsujintetsujin0 Posts: 0Member
    Now that my workspace is finally getting back to a usable state, I'm taking another crack at the lower leg...

    Zaku Kai Update: 2010-6-18


    I think this method seems a lot more promising so far than the other approaches I've used. The placement of those edges is important for getting the right look and for symmetry when I build multiple copies, so putting a guide right on the edge seems like a great way to accomplish that.
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