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Crew Calculator V3

Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
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Announcing the latest, and hopefully best, version of the crew calculator to date.

As old timer here know long ago, before the great server crash, and I got married, and a few other life things, I created a crew size calculator for the members here. It was conceived because many on here did not realize just how big the crews of their ships needed to be. It was well received but had several issues, all of which I have since worked out. This latest version features fully function circular references and notes on how to use it embedded into it. It also has several generic size charts based on ship class to give you an idea of where to start. Anyway enjoy, and you will need excel in order to run it, or use the spreadsheet program in open office. If you have any questions on how to use it feel free to ask.

The latest version corrected a handful of errors that somehow crept in between the various pages, including spelling errors. I've Also added a section for embarked troops, adding additional troop resources and support, which should be handy for any ship that carries embarked troops as it will now more accurately show the break down. Finally per user feedback that a seperate manual file would be helpful a word file with the manual has been added.

As always please leave any feedback including crew positions that you feel I have left off.

Crew Calculator Version 3
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  • Fafnir_6Fafnir_6171 Posts: 0Member

    Handy utility. It will help my designs a bit, I think. I am wondering what type of starship this is for, a carrier perhaps, given the large number of aircrew?


  • BorgManBorgMan208 DutchlandPosts: 581Member
    Fafnir, on the bottom of your sheet you can see multiple tabs; he included a foursome of different ship types, carrier being one of them.

    Knight, I was wondering: you already are saying that this is for the larger ships, but how can I "bend" the rules a bit when thinking about a small ship á la the one in my sig? Right now I stripped everything to a minimum except for the command staff, now with a total of 145 crewmembers. Is that a lot for a ship that's barely 106 meters in length?
  • nyrathnyrath0 Posts: 0Member
    Thanks Knight26! I'll try to get the new version up on my website as soon as possible.
  • Knight26Knight26186 Posts: 832Member
    Sorry I haven't replied sooner, too much drama around here lately. Anyway:
    Fafnir: Looks like Borgman already answered your question.
    Borgman: Those numbers seem a bit high, put up your results and I will check them. Probably your best bet is to combine a few of those positions. i.e. pilots may have to do their own maintenance, the XO might also be the ships science officer or doctor, etc... What this really does it tell you the number of positions and jobs needed onboard, but combining crew positions should be ok. Also, is this a short range, in and out ship or a long range, going to be out for a while ship? Based on the LCARs you've done, if you keep your current numbers, you will probably have crews hotbunking, where three different crewmen share a bunk, taking turns sleeping in it, much like on a sub.
    Nyrath: thanks, I look forward to seeing it on there.
  • BorgManBorgMan208 DutchlandPosts: 581Member
    Oops, sorry for the late reply! There have been some changes to the ship, she's a bit longer now, clocking in at 138 meters with 4 effective decks. I didn't think about combining tasks, that shoulsn't be too hard. The ship isn't meant to be out of a resuplyer for long: a mission duration of a year is long, it'll probably be out and back in a day or 50 or so. Just like the Nova it doesn't sport a holodeck, though, so the crew will probably be bored pretty soon...

    I'll look into it, thanks anyway :)
  • MalcomMalcom0 Posts: 0Member
    Sorry about the necro post, but is there anyway the still get these files as they seem to be missing now?
  • nyrathnyrath0 Posts: 0Member
    Malcom wrote: »
    Sorry about the necro post, but is there anyway the still get these files as they seem to be missing now?
    They are here
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