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3D55 Central Park West (Ghostbusters Spook Central)

stfanboystfanboy67 Posts: 388Member
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I love this building ever since it came out in 1984. I am new at 3D rendering and this is one of my first using 3ds max. First here is a drawing of the front elevation I did last year.

Here is a rendering of the temple which I started today.


Hope you guys like it.
I also have another building I have been working on if you want to see it. Something I designed a few years ago.
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  • NightShadowNightShadow10 Posts: 0Member
    I hope you got a lot of reference pics. It might help to find out which actual building they used at the filming location and see if you can get some reference materials from non-GB sources on the 'net. One of the main rules of 3D modelling: you can NEVER have too many references. I can tell you right now that doing the gargoyles and whatnot.
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