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3DS.S. Bonaventure Reimagined

calamity_sicalamity_si1 Posts: 0Member
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Hi all! When I first saw this ship in the TAS episode 'Time Trap', I thought she was ugly as hell. But for some reason, her rather ungraceful lines stayed with me and eventually she grew on me. I really liked the idea of a pre-Federation heavy cruiser that was the pinnacle achievement of her day and was suddenly lost in the Delta Triangle, only to be rediscovered by her decendants over a century later!

Anyways, anyone who knows me on here knows that I just can't let a good ship down, so in typical fashion, I've given her a bit of a facelift! So far, the engines are more or less the same, but the secondary hull has been 'Mon-Calamarised'. So just like those massive Mon Cal ships in Star Wars, I've given her more of those graceful tear-drop shaped protuberances from the main hull. The bulk of the hull was actually inspired by a tortoise shell (I know, I know. God knows where this stuff comes from in my brain, it just does! LOL! :rolleyes: ) She still needs a lotta work, mainly on the texture side of things as I think most of my work on the actual structure has been done.

This is a bit of a weird one for me, so I'd really like loads of feedback, good or bad. Cheers all, C_S

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