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3DDiscovery 2010



  • BrickheadBrickhead176 Posts: 0Member
    hal wrote: »
    It looks like they didn't even bother trying to build the same sets for 2010. To be honest the only one I ever noticed were the door numbers and the flat screens, which I total agree that they should of kept.

    Maybe they thought it was of little consequence to maintain the original level of detail for what little screen time was spent in there.
    The fact that they just painted the floor black and excluded the Velcro runners as in the original proved this to me.
  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    Thanks all:)

    I thought they did a good job overall of replicating the interior - of course they completely omitted the centrifuge but they made everything else from scratch and also had to build leonov and i doubt the budget was even close to 2001's budget.

    John, thanks again for sharing those references, i'm sure there will be some blanks that i'll have to fill in as i think best, as i have with some areas of detail on discovery. I'm not 100% certain, but i think there may have been multiple models for leonov, one large and a smaller one for the docking sequences, which may lead to confusion as there will be inconsistencies between the models.

    As for discovery's poly count, somewhere around 2 million, but its not a fair comparision to your model or others built purely for rendering, there's lots of internal surface, its really all 'shells' or solids, and there are internal parts to aid construction... the command sphere is twice as heavy as it looks for example due to the internal walls. and its the equivalent of a 400 segment sphere anyway, to ensure the print is nice and smooth. I'll share an exploded view some time. its, err, complicated, but the final kit will be less so, as many parts are joined together prior to casting the production components.
  • DavidChipmanDavidChipman171 Posts: 0Member

    I don't know if you've seen, or remmeber the movie "Wayne's World". Your level of model detailing, however, reminds me of the scene in the movie where they meet their heavy-metal music hero's.

    They get down on their knees and bow, with their hands touching the ground, repeating "We're not Worthy! We're not Worthy!"

    BTW, I still have my Leonov model on my computer, and I may just start a WIP thread here on Scifi-Meshes, and start working on it some.... See what suggestion people here can make.

  • Chao2Chao20 Posts: 0Member
    Sorry for the short post, but that is incredible!
  • Ronson2kRonson2k0 Posts: 0Member
    I read somewhere that all the original models from Kubrick's 2001 were destroyed at his request. He didn't want the Discovery showing up in other movies much to the point of your plagiarism thread. He was worried about the physical model though (before CG). So when they made 2010 they had to use a print from the original 2001 film as a guide to make (re-make) the models for that movie. I do think Stanley would have approved as it was a continuation of the story not a B-Movie to be sure.

    Great Model. As always you set the benchmark for other modelers to follow Coolhand
  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    right, a lot of stuff gets re-used between movies, typically at that time big budget props ending up in b-movie productions... he didn't want 2001 undermined by its props appearing in crappy films.

    A real shame that more wasn't preserved.

    I'm actually currently going back over some parts with improvements as more reference material has been made available

    Thanks for the kind comments!
  • ulkeshulkesh0 Posts: 0Member
    That's fantastic! So many of us thought we'd never see the day a kit of this ship could possibly grace our shelves... now thanks to the resin kit industry there's almost no limits to what can be achieved. I'm fortunate enough to have a 1/72 scale Aries 1B staring back at me. The detailing on this Discovery is frankly jaw dropping!
  • dunedune2 Posts: 4Member
    Is the 2010 odessy in pale orange to mimic the sulphur from Io?
    I painted my small model this way
  • CoolhandCoolhand289 Mountain LairPosts: 1,298Member
    Sure, the 2010 Discovery is close but a different model to the 2001 version. So, if thats a resin kit based off my sculpted parts which was based off 2010 refs, then to be as close to screen accurate as possible it should be finished in that sulfurous orange tone.
  • don papedon pape0 Posts: 1New Member
    Cool thanks
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