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PracticalFW Imperial Space Marine



  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Hehehe, thanks mate. :D

    Alrighty, here are some Photoshop mockups for the shoulder emblem. Just some quick & dirty examples.

    Personally I find 2, 5 and 7 quite appealing, how about you?

  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    7 looks to be the go.
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla532 HelsinkiPosts: 2,737Administrator
    I like 4 and 7 best. Maybe combine them somehow. :p

    As far as the boots go, I'd probably paint the rim black. Also, might be cool to add a bit of dirt and mud to the boots.
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  • Nathan RubricNathan Rubric179 GermanyPosts: 157Member
    3 and 9 looks good to me. Incredible work at all. :thumb:
  • Captain ShrikeCaptain Shrike0 Posts: 0Member
    what i thinkis that you could do 7 as the base then add 1's teardrop. that would look awesome.
  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    The Black background with the Silver Rim for the emblem I think is better to contrast with the Yellow, and personally like No.8 .... I went with that because the Brass / Gold colour for the Wings & Blood Drop match the skulls for the Knee / Backpack & the Wings that appear on the chest armour, so the whole theme fits, ...

    No.7 was a close second, but No.8 is more prominent with the wings & drop being one colour, (the icon stands out better) .... I basically made my choice by reducing the size of the shoulder Pad pics to see what they looked like from a distance, rather than Close-up, ... No.8 did the job for me, :cool:!!!

    *EDIT* The Boots look fine as they are ... Just maybe a tad more worn paint exposing the base metal on the very 'base edge' (HIS Left Boot Only) where it would be constantly scuffed by terrain etc, the Right Boot (His Right) looks great as is ...


    aVZ_gq0.jpg gx1vbgPi.jpg
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Before thinking of adding mud, as suggested, you'll need to think about the background, whether you plan on modelling it or not (can't remember if you've mentioned this yet). If it's a mud filled no-mans-land, then mud certainly and splash it fairly liberally. But if it's more industrial, then what about either a very small amount of sand and oil stains?

    EDIT: Speaking of a background, this is the one I was thinking of (I need to go back to the sketch that's based on this at some point). It'd look awesome at forgeworld scale providing you can get a suitable figure and pose the marine right.
  • xt828xt8280 Posts: 0Member
    What a silly picture, everyone knows that a true Marine would use that child as additional armour :P

    If you wanted to use that model as a base and then go to town converting it, I'd say Space Wolves might be the way to go.

    Very good work so far, the salt thing in particular caught my eye as a very good way to do what it does.
  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior177 Posts: 782Member
    Meph.....I just finished reading this entire thread. YOU SIR DO SOME DAMN FINE WORK! That, I don't think, can be stressed enough. Your weathering techiques have left me staggerd. I must confess that untill recently I had no idea what all this Warhammer stuff even was! So....I asked some pretty cool dudes on here and they were very helpfull in filling me in and pointing me in the right direction. Keep up the fantastic work Meph.

  • BerkutBerkut0 Posts: 0Member
    ohhh, so very cool. So this is where you've been hiding, heh. Makes me remember the good old days of warhammer, all of my stuff is still lying around somewhere in a box, under piles of other boxes, lol. Your weathering looks as crazy on a physical model as it does in 3d.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Cheers guys! It's been kinda slow but...

    Here goes, the sun finally came out and the rain stopped so I could take some decent pics. :D

    Never mind the light dust here and there, the parts get a regular cleanup, especially before painting. ;)

  • BinkermanBinkerman0 Posts: 0Member
    Looks Cool Meph, :thumb: ... The silver on Crux Terminatus (yellow shoulder Pad) .... looks like you're still working on that, .. Would look good with a darker wash applied into the cavitys of it, along with those Skulls, all parts are looking Great !! .... Must be close to getting assembled ? ... Then Finishing touches once built etc ... Nice Job mate !! :cool:

  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Indeed! Today I'll apply some oil paint washes. Y'know, some black oil paint, heavilly thinned with turpentine to the consistency of a very thin ink.
    Yeah, the main parts are getting close to completion. Then I've still have the miniature's base and all the small extra bits to paint, as well as the bolter with the bajonet/scope assembly.
  • ecritterecritter0 Posts: 0Member
    Truly excellent work.
  • maverick8472maverick84720 Posts: 0Member
    I was looking at the forge world site, is the space marine the only large scale model or are there others.
  • ecritterecritter0 Posts: 0Member
    I've only seen the one model.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Cheers guys!

    Yeah, sadly it's their only large model like this. Long ago they used to have some more large mini's though, mostly busts. If I remember correctly they had a fantasy ork bust, a goblin pirate captain bust and a space wolf terminator bust.

    they should make more though, I'd be a happy shopper I think. ^^

    Oh, by the way, the server that hosts my pics is down at the moment. Probably it'll be back up on wednesday. Bummer...
  • DCBDCB171 Posts: 0Member
    They still have an active link for this - Chaos Space Marine Bust - and this - Ursarkar Creed Bust - although I can't actually find either listed in the catalogue.

    They did a whole bunch of them back in the day. Attached are ones I could find decent pics of. Left to right, top to bottom - 40K Ork, Space Wolves Terminator, Imperial Guard Commissar, Tyranid Hormagaunt, WHFB Orc Warboss, Skaven Stormvermin, Dwarf Slayer, Chaos Beastman.

    Ones I can't find pics of are the Black Goblin, Bloodletter, and Kal Jerico busts. I might be able to scan some pics of those in some old White Dwarfs if anyone is interested.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Oh, cool!
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Makes me think that a full scale Commissar would rock... Though speaking of Commissars I'm definitely thinking that my next 2D project will be Ciaphas Cain and co.!
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Aww yeah! Good idea! Or a busty Sister of Battle... giggidy!
  • ArmondikovArmondikov0 Posts: 0Member
    Meph wrote: »
    Aww yeah! Good idea! Or a busty Sister of Battle... giggidy!

    There's more than enough of that sort of thing on DeviantART as it is without me adding to it.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Alrighty, back to business. I've noticed it's exactly one month since I uploaded some pics. Progress was was kinda slow due to good weather and occupied weekends. But as the last few days were rather dreary and with today being a quiet sunday, I picked up the brush again.

    So what's been done in the mean time:

    Gold Detailing

    -The gold detailing received a wash of heavily thinned black oil paint.
    -The wash turned out a tad too dark for my liking so after it dried I 'polished' the metalic detailing using a soft cloth damp with odourless turpentine to brighten it up a bit.
    -Then I gently rubbed on some gold paint again with my finger.
    -The effect being a bit too subtle and not applicable on the small detailing I went to work with a small drybrush.
    -After that I took a very fine brush and applied some thinned smoke/black ink in the detailing to bring out small elements.
    -Then I gently blend-highlighted the details with some more gold paint.

    Boot Rims
    -I dry-sponged on some Boltgun Metal but the combination with the red produced a bit of a too faded effect.
    -So I applied a wash of the same smoke/black thinned ink.
    -After that some more dry-sponging of Boltgun Metal.

    So now I guess that all that needs to be done is to apply some weathering powerds here and there and use some soft graphite (4B pencil) to accentuate the metalic edges.

    Whaddayathink guys?

  • Lee80Lee80192 Posts: 458Member
    insane... simply insane... Im loving it...:D
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    I just couldn't resist...

  • Lizzy777Lizzy777450 PNWPosts: 558Member
    Meph wrote: »
    I just couldn't resist...

    Me either...

    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    I'm flattered... :D Cheers lizzy!
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Here are some more decent pics, made in daylight, in my high-tech photo studio.

  • Captain ShrikeCaptain Shrike0 Posts: 0Member
    This is truly superb, meph! i love it! obviously this battle-brother is awaiting his bolter in the post lol. seriously i can't wait to see it complete.
  • MephMeph171 Posts: 0Member
    Lol, indeed. His bolter's still in the workshop. :D

    And a quick run-down of the things that were done...;

    -A graphite treatment on most metallic edges, using a 4B pencil, straight from the tip, as well as some scraped off and applied with my finger tip.

    -An extra outlining of the panel lines using some slightly thinned smoke- and black ink.
    -Black weathering powder was applied around the exhaust vents on the backpack and lower arms. these produce a superb matte effect that sadly had to be fixed with some satin spray varnish, thus losing some of the matte, but only just some.

    The model has been put together using some stuff to stick posters on walls. It originally came in small 1cmA2 tabs on a non-stick sheet but I peeled all of them off and squeezed them together, turning it into a blob with the consistency slightly softer than a kneedable eraser (don't know the correct word in English). It's also a lot stickier but completely cleanly removable and reusable. I've actually been using that same blob of 'stuff' since ten years without it losing any of it's viscosity or stickiness. It's no sure stick though as the parts tend to sag a bit over time but it's still a great tool to 'dry fit' models together.
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