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3DUSS Adelie, A ship based on the Ambassador Class



  • publiusrpubliusr462 Posts: 1,638Member
    Rugged and sleek at once—that’s rare!
  • shipfishershipfisher364 Posts: 105Member
    Love circular primary hulls. Late 24th century pointy 'saucers' are starting to wear thin on my conservative design sensibilities. Love circular deflector dishes too - recessing the dish in a slanted housing instead of slanting the dish itself looks functional and slick. Asymmetrical dishes have me wondering where the focal point is, should any applications still require one. Also love those linear, wrap-around bussard grilles. They also look more functional than domes. Loving this ship so far.
  • lewisnivenlewisniven2440 UKPosts: 458Member
    Duuuude this is looking good.
  • JoeMcMullenJoeMcMullen80 Posts: 13Member
    I really like that deflector! (and the scoops, and the neck, and the and the and the)
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1652 CaliforniaPosts: 1,933Member
    Man, I'm really liking this.
  • GidiotGidiot3 Posts: 7Member
    this thing is looking sweet! Love the updated look to this!
  • mishasiegfriedmishasiegfried148 Posts: 64Member
    Man, this is amazing. I love what you're doing with this.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    Thanks for the positive feedback, I'm glad people are liking the direction so far. :)
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    I've mostly been focusing on the engine struts, and general tidying up:


  • TallguyTallguy348 Posts: 467Member
    That's a fantastic mix of greebly detail and Starfleet smooth. Well done.
    Bill "Tallguy" Thomas All I ask is a tall ship...
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  • StarshipStarship399 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,935Member
    Can you post a wireframe view of the secondary hull please?
    It was started from a cilynder?
  • Admiral156Admiral156158 Posts: 70Member
  • JESJES288 Posts: 160Member
    How many tris are you at? I'm close to 9 million on my Sovereign, and I'm starting to get nervous that I might have to start pulling some subdivisions, or I won't have enough room for the details!

    And Starship does ask a good question. Is the entire secondary hull one object (minus the details)? I'm starting to wonder if I should have make the front, middle, and/or fantail as separate objects. Maybe shorter objects means shorter subdivisions, which means less tris? The reason I've been avoiding this is because I have been unsuccessful in trying to get them to appear as a solid, smooth object.
  • EBOLIIEBOLII198 Posts: 349Member
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    edited May 9 #76
    Starship wrote: »
    Can you post a wireframe view of the secondary hull please?
    It was started from a cilynder?

    The wireframe is getting rather messy at this point, but still manageable for now:

    It was started as a tapered cylinder, which was then cut and booleaned into to produced the various shapes:
    JES wrote: »
    How many tris are you at?

    JES wrote: »
    Is the entire secondary hull one object (minus the details)?
    Currently my method is to break the mesh into many separate objects, it's just easier to think about that way. If I made this as more or less one object, I'd have to figure out where all the edgeloops were going. I'm a messy modeller as that above wireframe shows, compared to what professional vfx studio artists produce, (check out the efficient SNW Enterprise wireframes that are floating around online) so separate pieces keeps things from getting too out of hand. This ID pass shows the various pieces in different colours:

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    trekkiBolianAdmirallennier1JEScaveat_imperatorLizzy777Dennis Baileywibble
  • trekkitrekki859 Posts: 1,326Member
    What a clean mesh, nice! 👍
  • Admiral156Admiral156158 Posts: 70Member
    GOOD LORD, That mesh looks amazing!!!
  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral1026 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 2,439Member
    This is coming along really nicely.
  • StarshipStarship399 São Paulo - BrasilPosts: 1,935Member
    SCE2Aux wrote: »

    The wireframe is getting rather messy at this point, but still manageable for now:

    It was started as a tapered cylinder, which was then cut and booleaned into to produced the various shapes.

    Uau! The wire is dense! But beautifull B)
    Thank you for the detailled explanation and images!

  • DaringerDaringer331 Posts: 5Member
    all i can say is WOW! that is looking fantastic.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    I've been posting to the discord, but also want to keep this thread up to date with the model's progress:
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    I wasn't quite happy with some of the smaller details on the model; the greebly things on the pylons I've remodelled again, and some of the panels have been realigned to look a little more cohesive. Now just working out the greeblies along the spine and onto the impulse engines:


    Nearly there on the secondary hull. It's been a long road...
  • dcomprimedcomprime192 Posts: 121Member
    what kind of lighting are you using.?
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    Nothing too elaborate at this stage - a Corona Sun as the spotlight, and a desaturated Corona Sky for the fill.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    I rejigged a few things, but I think I'm quite pleased with the look of the spine now:
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803364 Posts: 10,568Member
    The amount of detail you have packed into that secondary hull is insane.
  • EBOLIIEBOLII198 Posts: 349Member
    Yeah it is! Awesome...really awesome work
  • publiusrpubliusr462 Posts: 1,638Member
    Too often…not enough thought is put into the secondary hull…the saucer gets all the love.

    This thing looks mean…
  • GidiotGidiot3 Posts: 7Member
    This mesh is looking awesome! I can't wait to how she shapes up.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux664 Posts: 132Member
    edited June 2 #91
    I'm at the blocking out stage for the saucer. The diagrams I did back on page 1 have a sort of excelsior style impulse engine. I still like that idea because it conveys the idea of this ship being a technological half way point between that, and the Ambassador. However, when mocking up the shapes I felt that me just tacking an impulse engine onto the back lacked some visual drama, so I flared the impulse deck out, so the engines flank the main saucer superstructure. Still looks like Excelsior tech, but it's a more dramatic design feature now - much like they are on the original Excelsior model.

    publiusr wrote: »

    This thing looks mean…

    I've been thinking about this too. A few people have commented about the ship starting to look rather angry hehe. I was intending to call this ship Adelie, after an Antarctic species of penguin that is famously rather fearless despite its diminutive size, but I don't think this ship has that kind of underdog vibe to it right now, so maybe USS Acheron? I'm looking for an 'A' name to evoke a sense of it being an Ambassador precursor.
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