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3DStar Trek VI - Enterprise Leaves Spacedock

Mr. WildeMr. Wilde197 Posts: 121Member
Hey everyone,

I finally finished this animation:

That Spacedock model goes wayyy back, I can't belive Scifi-Meshes still has the thread.

All done in LightWave, then composited in After Effects, and edited in Premiere.

I hope you enjoy it!

evil_genius_180mylexscifiericBillynom8rojrenLizzy777trekkipubliusrjapetuslewisnivenand 5 others.


  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802437 Posts: 10,224Member
    Absolutely fantastic work. I love how you embellished the animation to make it your own, rather than just recreating what we saw in the film.
  • mylexmylex541 Posts: 269Member
    Wow....animation and rendering is absolutely beautiful.
    I like this fresh modern style, it's so different to the original plot.

    Very well done !

  • scifiericscifieric1068 Posts: 1,440Member
    I thought a lot of what was done was VERY good. Then I saw the thrusters and I about cheered ... then I saw the LAST SHOT of exiting the station with the camera looking rearward over the cylindrical hull and I SHOUTED "OH SWEET!" It's been a LONG time since a shot affected me so. WELL DONE! Well done, indeed.
  • trekkitrekki729 Posts: 1,267Member
    This is sooo beautiful !
  • publiusrpubliusr415 Posts: 1,570Member
    Words fail..
  • AggiAggi333 Posts: 2Member
    :o Absolutely Great!!! And done in Lightwave 3D!!! <3
  • mishasiegfriedmishasiegfried147 Posts: 62Member
    This incredible! Looks fantastic!
  • eagledocf15eagledocf15190 Houston Texas Posts: 41Member
    The use of the thrusters was fantastic and an absolutely wonderful video.
    One suggestion is to continue the thruster firings to stop the rotational momentum and position the Enterprise for exit.
    Well done!!!
  • adjunct37betaadjunct37beta183 Seattle, WAPosts: 56Member
    This is so freaking perfect. You basically drifted the enterprise into position. 🔥
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