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3DSCE2Aux' Scifi Work



  • Road WarriorRoad Warrior190 Posts: 796Member
    In fact you have inspired me to dust this old thing off...

    evil_genius_180SCE2AuxStarCruiserWarp Propulsion LaboratorywibbleLizzy777
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    In fact you have inspired me to dust this old thing off...

    That's one heck of an intricate model, and a great design! I'd love to see some other angles of the ship, it's definitely worth putting textures on and rendering it in some scenes.
    please do a 5 view ortho of both ships

    Here are some diagrams for both ships:

    One last render with Mars as a backdrop:

    Finally, because I thought it was a bit of fun (if very low effort): When I rotated an earlier render to portrait, I thought it looked like a poster, so I slapped a title on the top of it haha

    evil_genius_180Warp Propulsion Laboratorycaveat_imperatortrekkiwibbleStarCruiserLizzy777srspicer
  • shipfishershipfisher364 Posts: 102Member
    The poster shot looks like a freeze frame of what would be a great opening title sequence.
  • admiral hortonadmiral horton196 Posts: 137Member
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    look for orthos the model not a blueprint
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  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    Getting back into the swing of ground based environments;
  • publiusrpubliusr399 Posts: 1,552Member
    In terms of real-space systems, I was thinking that if two statite solar-sails were tethered to the ground such that their cables formed the letter X, the simple act of the solar sails tacking towards or away from each other means the intersection of the X can be raised or lowered…perhaps spinning up a windlass that looks a bit like this:

    That windlass has a third tether that points straight down between the “uprights” such that as the sails tack towards or away from each other, the windlass can pull an object into space with no rockets, or deposit said object on the surface. An asteroid passing between the two main cables could hit a net on the far side of the Sunlifter’s two cables…dragging a fourth cable hooked to a heavy payload into space perhaps.

    Such a system would make for great space art at least—and might actually be doable.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802222 Posts: 10,101Member
    Is any of that environment a photo or is it all rendered? Either way, it looks great.
  • shipfishershipfisher364 Posts: 102Member
    That shuttle looks lonely on that desolate surface. Great feel to that scene.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    Is any of that environment a photo or is it all rendered? Either way, it looks great.

    Thanks, there's still a fair amount of stuff to do with this to make it work a bit better. It's all CGI, I created a crater displacement map:

    Then there are procedural displacement maps that plug into it.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    Wasn't entirely happy with the first attempt at the planetside scene, here's the second pass:

  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1802222 Posts: 10,101Member
    That looks great.
  • shipfishershipfisher364 Posts: 102Member
    Shuttle doesn't look so lonely now. Maybe the second lander could be solely a tanker to get both back up into orbit out of some of the deeper gravity wells. Great work like this fires my imagination.
  • Lizzy777Lizzy777984 PNWPosts: 691Member

    And now I have this sudden urge to play a round of Surviving Mars.
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    Lizzy777 wrote: »
    And now I have this sudden urge to play a round of Surviving Mars.
    I've never played that game, (not a big game player) however, for some reason I find that going on youtube and putting on a no-commentary Let's Play of Surviving Mars to be very relaxing - so long as there aren't any meteor strikes or food shortages!
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux394 Posts: 83Member
    These are the last two images for this pre-Enterprise era project (it's been a long road, gettin' from there to here...)
    I got a bit burnt out towards the end, but I'm pretty happy with the collection of images produced. Looking forward to doing something different now!


    Here's the gallery of final images:
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