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3DST TOS Props/Set Dressing - WIP and Sanity Checks

vfxartvfxart962 PNWPosts: 207Member
Started these up, wanted to get them up a bit early to ask if folks have thoughts on their general proportions etc before I start adding in the fun stuff. (As the unemployment reality kicks into higher gear heh ;-), been hitting some more 'quick and dirty' for fun modeling daily as I can let myself relax and not be 'on 100%' 24/7, updates to these may not be frequent.)

First up, monitor and log book.




  • vfxartvfxart962 PNWPosts: 207Member
    edited November 2022 #2
    What the heck, dropped the rocker switches in after dinner; now it's dessert time ;-)


    Heh, realized I hadn't accounted for the lazy susan in there yet.


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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1803853 Posts: 10,798Member
    Ah, the good old days, when a small desktop monitor and a tablet were considered the future. ;) Of course, both were 100% right, only the timing was off.

    Both look great to me. The proportions look good on the monitor. When I was attempting to help you find some references the other day, I got a good look at it, plus I watched a few of TOS a couple days ago.
  • vfxartvfxart962 PNWPosts: 207Member
    Thanks! I didn't find a ton of ref but the maybe dozen or so angles that I got in 'caps help when they're taken 'together' and scrolled through. Got to get back to another piece, hoping to get these again next weekend maybe. Not sure what today's daily prop will be.
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