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3DSCE2Aux' Scifi Work



  • trekkitrekki653 Posts: 1,205Member
    The computer screens are very good. I like it!
  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann458 Posts: 1,170Member
    THey're fantastic! They fit that TOS/Enterprise aesthetic without being a copy, and feel "real" for the context of the ship.
  • RekkertRekkert3051 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,205Member
    Love them! They add a bit of color which I think is kinda missing in all the grey of the bridge.
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  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann458 Posts: 1,170Member
    Oh for sure! And I can imagine using them the smae way TOS used colour gels, different colour schemes for moods, red alert, yellow alert, green and blue... mood lighting via UI.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux245 Posts: 54Member
    edited September 21 #66
    I've finally finished the bridge set. I'm sure there will be some snagging issues that I'll notice over the next week, but I'm quite happy to get to the end of the process. I've done a fair amount of ship exteriors, but this is my first proper bridge, and I've learned a lot from building it over the past several months.



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  • trekkitrekki653 Posts: 1,205Member
    So beautiful!
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux245 Posts: 54Member
    edited September 25 #68
    A little lighting experiment - whilst figuring out how to light my bridge set, I started using IES lights and global volumetric materials. I wondered what the result would be if I applied the same techniques to a render of a ship exterior. This image was lit with a single IES light (not counting the ship's own running lights) and a corona volume material plugged in the global slot:


    Edit, I think I'm going round the bend with tweaking and overthink! Which do you folks think looks better, the yellow colour grade, or the blue?


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  • Vortex5972Vortex5972237 Posts: 1,137Member
    The second one. Colder feels right for space. Assuming the ship is out in deep space.
  • SCE2AuxSCE2Aux245 Posts: 54Member
    Vortex5972 wrote: »
    The second one. Colder feels right for space. Assuming the ship is out in deep space.

    Thanks! I've made one more image to further finesse the colder version:

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