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3D[Star Trek] Pulsar Class Starship

LoopholeLoophole41 Posts: 56Member
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Links to 3D views:

Here's the latest of my rough-around-the-edges models, the Pulsar class starship. I put more detail into this one that previous models. Its main inspirations are the Nova and Sovereign classes.

After the ill-fated voyage of the U.S.S. Equinox, Starfleet sought to make the Nova class more self-sufficient in case of a lost ship scenario. Two ships were commissioned to fill this role: the Rhode Island refit for the Nova class, and this ship, the Pulsar Class. It was designed for long-term scientific missions and could operate for 5 years without resupply. This came with a tradeoff of size, being significantly larger than the Nova class. It performed its duties amply and became a primary workhorse ship for the Federation in the late-24th and early-25th centuries.


Let me know your thoughts and feedback!
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  • Alan EAlan E226 Posts: 124Member
    For a rough around the edges design, I really really like It. Keep working on it and improve it. Your Preview shots are really good.

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