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3DJR WIP Thread



  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Checking out the scaling - it's exactly where it needs to be. You can tell this isn't the Romulan's best ship. Kirk isn't taking any smack talk off a Starglider's captain. The Starglider's through deck will take the Enterprise's shuttle though. It's far more useful than the Connie's little shuttle bay.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Scaling a shuttle Galileo. I'm trying to match the scale of the full scale prop built for "The Galileo Seven," otherwise I will need a bigger JR-Prise. As you can see, there is no standing room in the full scale model -


    The Star Trek V shuttle and Discovery shuttles are huge by comparison -



  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Had to hop over and work on this guy a bit. I'm liking it a lot better with the feather pattern on it.

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    And now back to the Starglider. Many miniscule changes have been made which do not stand out from this angle, but I like the shot.
  • publiusrpubliusr320 Posts: 1,458Member
    So elegant...
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    I spent way more time modelling and uv mapping this than it's worth. It's got more detail than the JR-Prise now. Still not a lot for the time involved, but getting those tapering shapes on a cylinder without the shading getting wonky just ate up the hours.

    At least it looks better than the plain old cylinder still on the starboard nacelle -


    It doesn't seem like a lot of modelling but it's so much more than the Picard Bird of Prey -


    Hard to believe how well that model held up. The short wing just looks silly now though.

    publiusr - Thanks mate. It will get finished.

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Is it finished? If I zoom in it's not! I meant this one to be ship-of-the-week level of detail though and I think it's already beyond that.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    The bottom bird graphic is shaping up. I don't know about the change to the graphic on the bottom fin. It doesn't look as good from above now.
  • publiusrpubliusr320 Posts: 1,458Member
    You might reduce the ventral fin. I love the graphics. Ever think about doing the FASA Decker...but with Excelsior nacelles?
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Some of the FASA designs are great and some of them shouldn't have made the cut. I'd put the Decker in the latter category. The impulse drive is firing right into the engineering hull!

    It's nice to know Captain Decker shaped up and became a man worth naming a ship class after. If I design a post-TMP era ship maybe I'll give it the Decker class name. It won't look much like FASA's Decker though. It will definitely look better with the Excelsior style nacelles.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    There's really nothing wrong with the TOS era Romulan look.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Only a little wear and tear to add and this one will be ready to go!


    Starglider with her entire crew complent of 130. I didn't realize the crew was that large, but it looks like they'll fit. She may not even be as cramped as the FASA manual says. These guys are spread out over five decks, counting the bridge deck and a space under the hanger deck.

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    Learning the latest changes to Blender's shading and compositing node system. I'm going to have to add more geometry in a few places, but I'm super happy with the way this is turning out. Is there a nicer TOS Romulan ship out there? JetFreak7 has great one but IMO the detailing looks more TMP era. Ships that copy TMP or TNG styling back to TOS don't count - they have to work with the TOS era design language.

  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    I think this one is done now, unless I need close up shots. Somehow the bussards have brightened up. I like it but it may be too distracting. They've become the focal point in the above image.

    A few more views. I ought to do something different with the glowing ring around the edge of the deflectors, like the Galaxy class. I ought to . . . but there are other ships to work on.



  • publiusrpubliusr320 Posts: 1,458Member
    That deserves a 3D print
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    edited May 2021 #77
    If I had the means I'd make a short film about skirmishes on the Romulan/Klingon border using this as the hero ship.

    In other news, I've been playing around with making space backgrounds in Blender. I purchased the Nebula add on for Blender, but my computer is too slow to do anything but look at the interface and render the included scenes.
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  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member

    I was playing around with Mark Kingsnorth's Shipwright add-on for Blender, and I got this! There is a little extra refinement in it, but there's not more than a day and a half of work in it so far. I could put more time into detailing it, but it's not a hero ship and I don't know what I'll use it for. I'm going to see what I can do with procedural texturing and call this one done.

    BTW, I call this the "Cardassian Freight Train." My Cardassian isn't good enough to give it a proper Cardie name.
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
  • JRXTINJRXTIN161 Posts: 77Member
    Now to get back to texturing the Akimoto Maru, which has not even appeared here yet -

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