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3DEbon Hawk



  • wibblewibble353 Posts: 213Member
    O.k. when I reactivated this thread I did build some small parts that I have been avoiding for a long time, cause I never really know how I wanted them to look or how to build them. After I tried I felt that it worked out pretty well and I got excited about how much it contributed to the overall design (in my perception at least) and how simple it actually was to build it. That's what I wanted to share, I guess. But after a short rush I quickly run out of inspiration again and started to feel bad about resurrecting this thread after such a long time without having to show very much new.
    So I postponed work on the exterior again and worked on the interior instead. And because I couldn't produce useful interior shots with the blender internal render I finally tried to get used to cycles. I never dared to use it before, cause I thought my computer can't handle it (don't have a compatible GPU, for example). And because I was focused on modelling I thought for quick test renders to evaluate my model progress the internal render will do. But on the one hand I got sick of looking at monochromatic grey surfaces and on the other I couldn't light the scene in a way that I actually could see what I was building.
    So I spend most of my time in the last days to find out the best set up for cycles. And most of that time was render time. In between I even modelled sometimes.
    This is the best that I got so far. Still not very impressive but at least I proved to my self that I actually can use cycles.




    And this one is to show the level of detail I'm looking for.


    Probably somewhat too clean, given that this is supposed to be a Star Wars ship. But I just like to be precise too much and if I ever get to produce serious materials and textures I hope it will get the right appearance.
  • wibblewibble353 Posts: 213Member
    Just a short sign of life. In case anyone cares.
    I'm slowly fleshing out the cockpit and the corridor behind it.




  • ashleytingerashleytinger837 Central OhioPosts: 797Member
    This is looking fantastic
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