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3DAmbassador-class Variant

new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member
Did an Ambassador-class mess years ago, when I had an educational license to 3DS Max. Tried to learn Blender when it expired...failed utterly. But more recently I gave Blender another go, and was surprised I was able to actually pick it up this time. After I did the Starbase Waystation mesh, I started working on an Ambassador-class.

Although I started trying to follow any online reference images very carefully, I realized there were some things I didn't like and changes I wanted to make. Haven't gotten to most of them yet, as you can see from the images the mesh is still in a very WIP state.
  • The L-shaped Ambassador pylons. Wanted to try something a bit less clunky. These ones are almost the same shape, just angled.
  • Saucer deflector grid. Studio models were so busy, with a very small grid. I'm going to do something closer to the Constitution/Excelsior-class shield grids.
  • Secondary hull deflector grid & clours. Why does the shield grid look painted on?
  • Bridge module. Should have conference room and ready room visible at some point.
  • Although I did update the nacelles and a few other items to the newer studio model version, I'm not adding the lower shuttlebay.

My excuse for deviating is that this particular ship is, like Starbase Waystation, from a fan-fic series. And it had several repairs, refits, even a full rebuild. So that's my excuse for taking liberties.
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  • Warp Propulsion LaboratoryWarp Propulsion Laboratory816 BrooklynPosts: 257Member
    Very nice, especially the canted pylons. Looks more graceful than the original.
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  • count23count23297 Posts: 713Member

    the pylons definitely do make a difference, it's closer to the Probert C. My only gripe and this isn't your design personally but you have the chance to fix it. The bussards should be completely clear of the saucer, that's what throws the front view off to me.

    also, regarding your deflector grids, if you take a look at Rick Sternbach's original C blueprint, you can see the grid pattern he designed which is exactly what you were after, the Constitution/Excelsior style.

    Keep it up, can't wait to see it finished.
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  • new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member
    Yeah, I'm familiar with the Probert concept. It works far better with regards to showing the evolution from Excelsior to Galaxy-class, but it has some...very strange shapes that I'm not sure I like. I know the final Ambassador design was a result of the Probert design being too expensive and complex to build on a TV budget, and it certainly shows in some ways. (But I still love it!)

    I did try moving the nacelles down, as you suggested. I'm not sure how I feel about the look. I definitely don't like having the entire nacelle below the saucer rim, but maybe having the red portion of the collector visible...? I know the Yamugachi model had the nacelles moved WAY down before it was sold at auction, and I don't care for that look at all.

  • JESJES47 Posts: 80Member
    I think that having the nacelles/pylons positioned just low enough to give the bussard collectors complete clearance is a good compromise. Honestly, I think that this looks better than the original. The 90 degree nacelle pylons just go too high, and don't look structurally sound or aesthetically pleasing IMO.
  • count23count23297 Posts: 713Member
    Yea, that's a lot better, as long as the red part has clear line of sight, it doesn't matter if the top of the nacelles don't. Just looks stylistic instead of just haphazard. Nice.

    right now with the nacelles so close to the end of the bend it has very galaxy lineage, but being raised above the lateral line of the nacelle like that at an angle still screams excelsior, so your variant is now looking like a good clear progression from Excel to Galaxy.

    And you're right, too low is not good, that was done apparently as the Yama model was damaged prior to auction, it's nacelles were high for the Emissary appearance.
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  • psCargilepsCargile377 Posts: 610Member
    I agree, much better pylons.
  • new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member
    Maybe here? The red part of the collector is below the saucer 'rim'...part of it is still behind the lower part of the saucer, but I'd have to move it a LOT to get clear of that.

  • new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member

    Barely spent any time on this lately, but I did learn how to have the glow effect applied only to the nacelle grills. Added some details on the pylons.

    Another change I plan to make is that I'm putting two rows of windows on the saucer perimeter. Never really noticed it, but Constitution, Excelsior, Galaxy, Miranda...most of the 'main' ship classes have two rows. Only the Ambassador and the NX-01 have a single row...and for the Ambassador it doesn't make any sense. (Unless you're building a physical model in a hurry and on a budget and want to cut corners?)
  • new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member
    Trying to figure out a more modernized navigational deflector...the dish in the middle isn't finished, I'm trying to figure out the outer area. The part that was the only component of the nav deflector on the original model.

    Also introduced a curve to the front of the neck, instead of sharp corners.

  • billtfargobilltfargo331 Posts: 5Member
    Personally, I like the fourth one (darker outer ring, blue ring, brownish ring, blue ring/dish). To me, the unlit one is too dark, and the others just don't quite feel right to me. Of course, my opinion matters non, as this is your wonderful project.
  • Vortex5972Vortex5972209 Posts: 1,114Member
    1st or 4th one.
  • new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member
    From comments here (and a few other places), these appeared to be the popular options:


    Also tried it with the copper-coloured backing, as that fits more with TNG, I think...


    The feedback I got from some friends was they thought the version with the dark grey backing looked better, but the version with the glowing blue backing was closer to the original model.

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  • publiusrpubliusr288 Posts: 1,421Member
    I like the middle version above
  • darkthunderdarkthunder365 SwedenPosts: 75Member
    3rd one
  • Hunter GHunter G477 Posts: 383Member
    I do like this a lot better than the original. And I like the 2nd one
  • ashleytingerashleytinger817 Central OhioPosts: 778Member
    The third one
  • new_purplenew_purple31 Posts: 11Member
    Is there any benefit in giving some 'lift' to the dark blue areas of the saucer? We see
    so much of this sort of thing on the newer ship classes...if they'd had the budget to be more creative with the Ambassador, could this have been a thing?

    I really don't know if I like it or not...

  • count23count23297 Posts: 713Member
    For the Amby? no, i think leave them as just painted detail and draw shield lines around the perimeter.
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