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3DWarp Fighter and other ships



  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral766 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 2,210Member
    I love those ramscoops, lol.
  • kadenkaden705 JapanPosts: 215Member

    Rooms are there but not that good, I threw together a wall and floor to use as an image, I want to have a few different types of rooms in the end.
  • publiusrpubliusr291 Posts: 1,434Member
    I can almost see that sliding off the forward section of a larger ship...
  • kadenkaden705 JapanPosts: 215Member

    Still a few things to do on the hull. And more details.
    I want to cut the panel up forward of the phaser. It is looking a little big.
  • BarricadeBarricade198 Posts: 179Member
    Kaden, if you're still working on the fighter, I have a possible idea for you. Angle the ICARS 'strip' in front of the HOTAS controls, down a bit further. That way the pilot could simply move their arm/hand straight from either the throttle or stick, straight forwards to touch the controls. The way you have it now, they'd have to completely lift their arm/hand clear of the HOTAS in order to touch the controls like they were a keyboard 'above' the HOTAS. This came to me after getting my first piloting lesson, and then getting to sit in one of the jets at the Boeing Field museum, and how so many control are flat to the pilot, and within very rapid reach. Its one of those 'quicker you can touch something and get your hands back on the controls, the longer you'll live' types of things. Another minor possibility is just having the middle section stay as is, while only the two sections on either end of the ICARS strip be able to swing down.
  • kadenkaden705 JapanPosts: 215Member
    edited May 9 #247
    Funny you should mention the cockpit of the fighter, because I was recently thinking about changing it up. For example breaking the main panel into two and the top panel into 3, and re building the front section. Will take your comment into consideration! Thanks. =)

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  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1562 CaliforniaPosts: 1,877Member
    More fine work from the Kaden! :3
  • TrekMDTrekMD191 Posts: 635Member
    Cool design!
  • JESJES47 Posts: 80Member
    I don't know why you chose blue for the impulse drives...but I hope you keep it.
  • kadenkaden705 JapanPosts: 215Member
    edited June 2 #251

    yup keeping the blue engines.

    I think I am done modelling, I just need to add the name and registration to the underside and the nacelles.
    Next is textures... hopefully it will turn out ok.
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  • BlueNeumannBlueNeumann357 Posts: 1,102Member
    I really like that underside!
  • NevetsNevets190 EarthPosts: 117Member

    For some reason when I see the ventral view I also imagine another pair of warp engines on top, or a roll bar. Perhaps a variation in the class.
  • JESJES47 Posts: 80Member
    Speaking of variants, I know that you said that these only have warp drives, but I'm under the impression that the Mulciber and Merian classes started out the same way, but were modified.

    I could definitely see a variant of this with a pointy bow (think Rhode Island refit for the Nova class), which appears to be one of those design elements necessary to make QSD work.
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