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Modelingalternative to Sketchup

rwkingrwking189 Posts: 173Member
Now that Sketchup has gone Web-based, What would you all recommend as the closest sketchup type 3D modeling software that will work under Windows 10?
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish9844 Posts: 5,334Member
    Pretty much defacto program is BLENDER right now, or some flavor of such as b4artist. most of the pay for progs I would not suggest are worth the time anymore as they are going subscription or some other "rental" plan. So it isn't worth investing or learning them. Not to mention how some are throwing decades of dev and history under the bus for the newest fad or idea.
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  • GuerrillaGuerrilla797 HelsinkiPosts: 2,868Administrator
    Yeah, most SU people I know have switched to Blender I think. Maybe toss in a couple of addons like CAD Transform. Something like Fusion 360 could work too. That's an Autodesk subscription, but they do have some kind of a free tier, I think. A lot (well, not a lot, but some) people seem to quite like Moi3D too.

    Is there a specific aspect of SketchUp that you would like to have? Would make narrowing down the recommendations a little easier.
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  • rwkingrwking189 Posts: 173Member
    The ease of use was what I liked best about SU. The icons were almost self-explanatory in what they would do just by looking at them.
  • GuerrillaGuerrilla797 HelsinkiPosts: 2,868Administrator
    Maybe Blender + Fluent?

    Blender relies heavily on hotkeys on it's workflow, and stuff isn't particularly easy to find in the UI though. There's Bforartists as mentioned that adds a bunch of icons and a friendlier UI.
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  • rwkingrwking189 Posts: 173Member
    are there any known issues with downloading sketch-up make 2017 with windows 10 operating system?
  • liam887liam887322 SwedenPosts: 575Member
    No it works fine no issues, probably just stick what that. I never went past v2018 they haven’t really added in anything of note for many years.
  • rwkingrwking189 Posts: 173Member
    I did just that....downloaded Sketchup make 2017. Now, Next question, Would Kerkythea as a render engine work with sketchup make 2017 with the windows 10 operating system. I do run classic shell which give me a windows 7 style interface rather than the Windows 10 interface.
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