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3DA new Jupiter 2 that makes sense



  • AvianAvian203 Posts: 210Member
    Some Lower Deck updates.


    The Washing Machine that does your laundry in 30 seconds, folds and packages your clothes:

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  • srspicersrspicer350 Posts: 305Member
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    Still all kinds of wow, excellent!

    And welcome back.
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  • seanrseanr1034 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 565Member
    Avian wrote: »
    The Washing Machine that does your laundry in 30 seconds, folds and packages your clothes:
    That looks like a very nice stove. ;) :p
  • TralfazTralfaz405 Posts: 846Member
    Pretty amazing!
  • scifiericscifieric1068 Posts: 1,440Member
    If the black and white shot was a little darker, I would have thought it to be a shot from the series. Wow.
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1640 CaliforniaPosts: 1,920Member
    I love this project!
  • WaltAWaltA0 Posts: 1New Member
    I just stumbled upon this website and thread. Even though I see it is 11 years old, it appears to still be active.

    After reading thru this thread, I am offering some of my own thoughts. None of them are intended to attack others opinions made here. Just stuff that has been rummaging around my brain since I watched the first run LIS episodes when I was just a young kid.

    Jupiter I:

    I have just assumed that the Jupiter I was launched, but was successfully sabotaged soon thereafter. Dr. Maureen Robinson insisted on changes being made to the Jupiter design. These changes included an auxiliary viewport and flight controls on the lower level. This way, she could take control of the spacecraft in an emergency, and save her family.

    Robot Exiting to Surface:

    I have just assumed that there was a circular hatch on the bottom of the Jupiter. It would open, and allow the elevator to extend down to the surface. The robot would use the elevator to reach the surface, just like he uses it to go between the upper and lower levels. Also, the elevator going down to the surface will also make the Jupiter ADA compliant. ;)


    I have just assumed that the field that wraps around the Jupiter, was an anti-Higg field. This anti-Higg field would reduce the mass of the Jupiter to near zero. With E=mc2, E goes to zero as mass goes to zero. So, the propulsion of a Jupiter can be simply small conventional rocket motors. With zero mass, you don't need much of a push, to launch and to travel at near the speed of light.

    The Chariot garage:

    I have never quite figured this one out. If the Jupiter landed normally, up on all three legs, how does do they get the chariot out? Do the just open up a lower-level hatch, and the chariot just falls to the ground?

    Pilots (Don's) Quarters:

    I am glad that the plans shown here finally include someplace for Don to sleep. I always found it interesting that there were quarters included in the Jupiter design for a stowaway (Smith), but not for the pilot.

    Thanks for listening (reading)!

  • AvianAvian203 Posts: 210Member

  • Lizzy777Lizzy777997 PNWPosts: 696Member
    That was the most dramatic and exciting ramp opening I've seen yet!
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • psCargilepsCargile417 Posts: 620Member
    I like the safety rails coming up. That would have escaped my attention.
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