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3DTMP/TWOK/TSFS Stage 9 (and derivatives)



  • seanrseanr895 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 533Member
    Got a link I can see? Not really sure what you're talking about. If I do a new torpedo room, it'll likely be close to canon, or perhaps something that crosses that with what little we saw in Star Trek VI. The TWOK torpedo set was intended to be two, side-by-side and the signage on-set actually indicates that though we obviously only saw one. See the sign in the background on the left here:

  • johnl2112johnl21125 Posts: 14Member
    Star Trek VI is the Excelsior torpedo bay. The original script had excelsior saving the day with the guided torpedoes. It was re-written for the original crew's ego (or maybe just Shatner). So they just used the new set.
  • seanrseanr895 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 533Member
    That's pretty interesting but not surprising. :D I'd still love to see some blueprints or something for it. ;)
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