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3DU.S.S. Coronado, a Seven Year Mission

McCMcC347 Posts: 697Member
In January 2014, I posted Coronado's first exploratory WIP images. At the time, I said I aimed to be render-complete by August of that year. I...may have missed that target by a little. Completing this model has been a labor of love spanning over seven years. Not seven continuous years of working away at it. There were lots of long gaps where I didn't work on it at all. But, at last, I'm calling her done. Lots of background details available in the WIP thread (which I still need to make a final update post in!) for anybody curious.

coro_2021-03-16-2208.jpg coro_2021-03-16-2227.jpg coro_2021-03-16-2250.jpg coro_2021-03-16-2308.jpg


  • seanrseanr906 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 539Member
    Excellent work! How about some renders showing more of the shaded areas (so we can see lit windows and the like)?
  • admiral hortonadmiral horton191 Posts: 125Member
    Ortho please
  • Vortex5972Vortex5972213 Posts: 1,121Member
    Awesome work. It's been great watching this all come together.
  • McCMcC347 Posts: 697Member
    edited March 17 #5
    One @seanr requested on Discord (I'll see about doing some shaded area shots this evening!):


    The bay interiors are unfinished right now, because I don't have any particular plans for them, but it shouldn't be too hard to finish them properly if I get the urge to do so. The black "tarmac" areas on both the Specter and upper bays are meant to extend into them, for reference; that jarring shift from dark to light is just a byproduct of the unfinished interior textures.

    And @admiral horton's requested orthos:

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    rojrenLizzy777Warp Propulsion Laboratory
  • admiral hortonadmiral horton191 Posts: 125Member
  • McCMcC347 Posts: 697Member
    Spent a little more time massaging all of the emissive shaders, with an initial focus on the room interiors, then running and signage lights, and the finally on the deflector, warp nacelles, and bussard collectors to make them more physically correct and in-line with one another. The net result, though frustrating to get to, I think was well worth it.

    Special note: the balance of window visibility and other emissive surface brightness in full direct sunlight is not intended to match what we normally see on the TV shows and in the movies, but rather what you might actually see if looking at this ship. You rarely see illuminated rooms in buildings or on cruise ships in broad daylight, for example.

    coro_2021-03-20-1040.jpg coro_2021-03-21-1127.jpg coro_2021-03-21-1145.jpg coro_2021-03-21-1201.jpg
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