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3DEnterprise A Bridge (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

seanrseanr898 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 535Member
edited January 24 in Finished Work #1
If I don't call this finished now, I probably never will. :D The only significant thing remaining is a pair of detail pieces in the turbolift and then to copy the whole thing to the other side. There are still a couple more renders to do as well and possible an animation, but otherwise this is it. :)


This one actually needs a re-render as I've tweaked the outlines since I rendered it:
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  • BolianAdmiralBolianAdmiral746 Torrance, CaliforniaPosts: 2,159Member
    Nice... my favorite iteration of the refit bridge.
  • solaremessolaremes26 Posts: 22Member
    Excellent work as always. Are there any plans to update more of your previous bridge concepts?
  • Vortex5972Vortex5972204 Posts: 1,105Member
    Awesome work. One of the best bridges.
  • halhal192 Posts: 157Member
    Really nice, you've done a cracking job. I also love the random rotation of the chairs, it adds to the overall feel of the images.
  • trekkitrekki481 Posts: 1,031Member
    One of my favorite bridges
  • scifiericscifieric877 Posts: 1,284Member
    Beautifully done!
  • seanrseanr898 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 535Member
    solaremes wrote: »
    Excellent work as always. Are there any plans to update more of your previous bridge concepts?

    I've been working through them gradually, but haven't posted all of them on the forums (I mainly hang out in the Discord server these days). I've got one more I can probably post, think it's basically done now.
  • solaremessolaremes26 Posts: 22Member
    Thanks for the response and especially for sharing your work!
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