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  • furswiftfurswift520 BrooklynPosts: 169Member

    I shut them off as they drive me out of my tree. :)
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  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2583 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,333Member
    Those are VIEWPORT tool tips not UI tooltips. If I remember they pertain to the "VIEWCUBE" and the object hover. Which in of itself does not work ALL the time. You really have to fight to get it to show them.
    man that was a pain to grab. they are fairly useless as the pause and wait is slower than just selecting the object to get the name of it. heh.

    So far all obvious settings all pertain to tooltips outside of the base UI. ERGO viewport, viewcube, ribbon, etc.

    These as mentioned before are the ones I want gone---> fingtooltips.png which are OS related as in past versions I was able to adjust OS settings to stop the interference. The issue isnt visual but physical interaction with the software as they block you clicking on those icons to select a tool. Sadly something on win10 vs win7 has changed to cause the interference no matter what I do.

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  • kadenkaden533 JapanPosts: 160Member
    edited March 26 #64
    I made a phaser array, that I can adjust the length and make follow a curve. I am quite proud of it, and was surprised that it turned out so nice.
    I am still working on it, now I am trying to make it follow along over a surface nicely.

    I didn't use any references so the next one will be based on an existing design.

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  • kadenkaden533 JapanPosts: 160Member
    Got it working, although it wasn't fast to set up, lots of rotation and location tweaking.
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  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1195 CaliforniaPosts: 1,633Member
    I have the same thing. my program bends them quite nicely.
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