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PracticalMy 1/8 Scale BTTF Delorean (WIP)



  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1556 CaliforniaPosts: 1,872Member
    That is some kit. Expensive?
  • NemViaNemVia186 Posts: 71Member
    That is some kit. Expensive?

    Overall the completed kit will run almost $1450.00 not including any upgrades. Each issue runs just under $11.00. You get a few freebees with the overall subscription like 1Issue Binder, 1OUTATIME license plate, and the Display stand, but extra storage binders for the Issues cost extra. It is the most expensive kit I've ever started and I still have more than a year to go seeing there are 130 issues and I'm only up to Issue 70. What's nice too, if you're running into a financial bind, you can pause the subscription for as long as you like until you can resume the build. It is a very easy build since all of the parts are pre-painted, the electronics are already figured out and no cement is required. Almost all of the parts are screwed into place. The drawback is that none of the screw holes are pre-threaded. You are supplied with at least 3 Magnetized screwdrivers over the course of the build all of which get chewed up rather quickly because of the lack of threads in the screw holes. I generally use these screwdrivers to set the screws in place and then get them started, but then I use one of my own precision screwdrivers to really torque the screws into place. Otherwise some of the parts will wiggle. It is a common complaint from anyone who has built this kit I am now finding out. But overall, it's a really fun project to build, most of the Issues take less than 5 minutes to assemble. For me it's a nice break from my scratch built models.
    Thanks for your comment,

  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1556 CaliforniaPosts: 1,872Member
    Does the company make other kits of the same caliber? (and dare I ask, PRICE?) :) It's lovely none-the-less.
  • NemViaNemVia186 Posts: 71Member
    They have a lot of highly detailed kits from many different genres.
    Here is their link


    Okay, back to work again, with a bit of disappointment included with this group of issued. Although I was forewarned that this was going to happen, it still is a bit irksome. Eaglemoss sent me a message a few days after I posted the September supplemental update saying that their suppliers had run out of one or more of the next upcoming issues. I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but I was under the impression that I wouldn't receive anything from them for a month or two, but the following week I saw that I was billed for my next 4 Issues. I didn't look too closely at the issue numbers on the billing invoice, but I thought that the issue with the out of stock issues was remedied. I received my box and opened it up as usual to photograph the Assembly instruction booklets and I saw that I received Issues 71, 72, 73, and 78. A little distraught I re-checked the email invoice and it matched what I received. A little bummed about what I got, I proceeded with the assembly up to 73. I can't do anything with issue 78 until I receive Issue 75, 76, and 77, so 78 will have to be put aside until Eaglemoss catches up with their distributers. I think I would rather have waited for the proper issues came in the correct order, but here we are. So, what I was able to do this month was assemble just the door parts and the door for the passenger side, but Issue 74 didn't come which contains the hinge assembly parts to connect the door to the car frame, so I will not post an overall progress pic for this update. However, since I received some of the MODs that I wanted I was able to add those into the car for this update. The MODs include the car floor mats, a new Xmas tree component and a more detailed version of the Flux Capacitor. Both of these contain much better lighting effects that are closer to the screen version of the car. Hopefully by the next Issue cycle, everything will be caught up and I can give you a better progress update. But, I do have 26 new pics added to the 1/8 scale BTTF DeLorean page, so check them out and let me know what you think! More to come, keep checking for the November Updates
    The top link will take you to the latest pictures, the bottom link will take you to the homepage.
  • deadmasterdeadmaster61 Posts: 18Member
    wow nice model.
  • NemViaNemVia186 Posts: 71Member
    deadmaster wrote: »
    wow nice model.

    Thanks Deadmaster… here's another update.....


    Hey everyone! Well, still no word on when I'll receive my missing issues which are now Issues 75, 76 and 77. I really don't know what Eaglemoss will be sending me until I get my next automated order. They did send me Issue 74 which is the issue that has the hinge panel for the passenger side gull wing door, so I was able to get that into place, and I also received Issues 79, 80 and 81. 79 & 80 are the passenger side rear panel and trim assemblies, which are very easy to assemble. Issue 80 also has similar parts to Issue 78 which are the trim pieces for the rear panels as well as the mounting brackets for some of the lighting effects. Issue 81 has a part called the "engine surround" which will eventually be filled up with wiring and more greeblies. I have 17 new pics added to the 1/8 scale BTTF DeLorean page which includes the pics and parts for Issue 74 which is now in sequential order. Now, depending on when my next shipment will get here will determine if there will be an update for December. My busy season begins next month so I might not have too much time or energy to get anything done. If not, there will be a big update on January of 2020. Who knows. Well, that's it for this update. Keep checking the website and we'll see you next update!

  • NemViaNemVia186 Posts: 71Member
    Well, it's now 2020 and so far, this year has not started off well in the DeLorean build department. I received Issues 88 through 91 in December, but found out that there were two things that needed to be taken care of before I could move forward on the build. 1) and most importantly, I discovered that while trying to add the assembly Issue 91 to the engine which, by the way is the engine air filter assembly, I found that I had put the left and right air intakes, on the manifolds, facing the wrong direction. A major OOOPS! I decided to put off working on this project until after my peak season at work, otherwise I was going to hurl the car at the basement wall and be done with it. This was a bit frustrating, too because I still have not received Issues 75, 76, and 77, and it's now going on four months, with a new complaint letter sent in every month I don't get these Issues. And in order to move forward on the build, I need the parts from those Issues. Issue 74 is still in it's parts bag because I have nowhere to put these pieces. Anyway, when things calmed down at work I decided to fix the manifold problem. This gave me something to do while waiting for the next Issues. I had to reverse engineer how to get the manifolds off and turned around to the correct position. I did have to remove the engine to get to the manifold, but I finally got it into it's proper position, and now the air filter and other system pipes fit very nicely. But that's not all... You're not gonna believe this one.... I get my usual notice that my Issues would be mailed out, but I didn't pay attention to which ones I would get until they were delivered. so now, I'm not only missing 75, 76 and 77, but now I didn't get 86, 87 and 92 and 93. What I received are Issues 94 - 97 but I don't have the other Issues to assemble these parts together. (I guess you could say I have Issues with my Issues) So I'm not going to even open the parts bags for these until I get the other parts. Man! what a disappointment. And still no word from Eaglemoss on this problem But!!!! I still have posted some interesting pics of what I was able to get done despite not having what I need. I've assembled what I could starting from Issues 82 - 85, then 88 - 91. Some of the interior parts were added, such as the seatbelt harness pieces and of course the air filter assembly. The engine cover is made from metal and the detailing on the grates is quite awesome. But this is about all I was able to do for the last two months. So there are 49 new pics in the 1/8 scale BTTF DeLorean page. I hope you can at least enjoy those. That's all for now, keep checking my site to see if those missing Issues will ever get here!
    Take care, Mark

  • Lizzy777Lizzy777455 PNWPosts: 569Member
    Seven missing issues? Damn, that is seriously messed up. Especially with no response as to their disappearance.
    "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the corgies of war!"
  • FreakFreak1078 Posts: 4,355Member
    I hope you get the missing issues.
    It would be a shame to have this unfinished.
    This is just stunning!
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1556 CaliforniaPosts: 1,872Member
    I hope no one followed the delivery guy and swiped them from your front door. :/
  • NemViaNemVia186 Posts: 71Member
    Yeh, I don't think so. I always get an invoice before they ship and I check everything when it arrives. Eaglemoss alerted me of the problem with the missing issues. But, it's still a pain to skip over parts of the build because you don't have all of the pieces to work on the kit.
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