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3D-= MKF random trek thread =- now with v-ray. . . .



  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Doing some last min minute detailing.


    Euyghh, using unified means it takes forever to get a render. . . . and even then it isn't all that great. 1:16min sheesh. Might revert it to the old style for now. Still not found a solution to the lum bleed all over in adjacent polys. Ramp the fg light up enough and it will light through the airtight mesh.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • FreakFreak960 Posts: 4,135Member
    Looking Good!
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Some more little detail bits this time on the nacelles. Removed some of the glow junk too. Just need to do some work on the cowling bits and I think the nacelles will be done. Unless I add some color decals to it. Next I till probably add some stuff to the space between the shuttle bays and primary hull. I am thinking the struts might need something but eh.



    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • srspicersrspicer227 Posts: 168Member
  • FreakFreak960 Posts: 4,135Member
    She looking great!
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Some more stuff, mostly struts and nacelles. Impulse I swapped over to redish colour, dunno why it is looking so bleah here. But I have noticed a lot of things are drabbed down such as all the right of way markers etc. Reverted to old style raytrace vs unified as it is 4times faster and a much higher quality in regards to noise. EG lines are lines vs blotchy lumps.
    how it is suppose to look
    Moved from blue as it makes more sense given the shows ship ages and how the impulse appears. I have seen evidence off the studio model that shows blue or yellow and some hints that all the glows in show are all manual post vs rendered out keyed items. (eg how many ships have no engines or have faint textures baked in.)
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801693 Posts: 9,832Member
    It's a small change, but I personally prefer red impulse engines to blue, so I like it. :)

    As always, your nacelles and struts are looking fantastic. I really like the shapes and details you've done so far on the nacelles.
  • FreakFreak960 Posts: 4,135Member
    Looking good.
    AS for the impulse glow, while I liked the blue, I have always preferred the orange.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    edited November 2019 #1360
    Blue was a hold over from ENT and IRL temperature ranges. Moving to the red orange mostly due to the show's use even though the Cardenas used either blue or yellow.

    Someone else got a red butt too. Along with some lettering I forgot to left off on purpose but eh it is there NOW. Whether it should or not for the time frame of the ship. I forget frankly.

    clearly something is up yes? Anyhow I might revisit the Andrast with some rebuilds in the future. Though I am tempted to take a whack at these STD ships with a eye towards one of the early blockout works by Joel Durham. If this is what most of the ships were going to look like early on they would probably not have given so much rage or fan ulcers vs what we got.

    YES, they all had a lot of non TOS swoosh about them but least they had the elegance of curves and form that was put in place with TMP and TNG. Unlike a lot of the flying bricks we got. Still meh at hugeness and TNG elements like lifeboats. But damn, they still looked good. Still plan to do that one nacelles down ship, Malachowski Class. But once I am done with things I will def need to spurge on that TNG era dual strut thing I was working on late OCT. Then maybe something not trek. Oh and yeah, I am going to spend some time relearning MR, and then likely arnold as well as getting max 2019 set up for modelling ig I deem Arnold worth the time. Plan to look into blender again as well. Least try to figure it out even with all the memorization needed to model. Lots of shortcuts with no UI stuff and loads of operations to do thing I do in max all in editable poly with a few modifiers on top, eg symmetry and turbo-smooth being the only ones I really use short of extrude(text) v conform and the typical UVW ones.
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    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • LoopholeLoophole28 Posts: 38Member
    Yeah, I think a lot of the final STD designs were worse than the concepts. I'd like to see you take a stab at the Shenzhou concept that was ultimately scrapped, this one:
    May the day of the LORD come swiftly
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    edited November 2019 #1362
    Anyone know how to stop this in 2017 mental ray? I dunno when they moved to unified 2015? but it removed the radius settings so I cannot contain the bleed through on the "adjacent" faces issue with lum/self ilum materials. I do know about the radius distance setting but I want to avoid this as it can screw up a lot of things all over the mesh making the lum/selfilum as effective as it should as it is a global setting and well distances of interior lights ok 10m is ok for but larger items like impulse warp coils etc 10m just wont cut it. I have tried adjusting all sorts of settings NONE are doing anything for this issue. It is a real annoyance as this is seriously some 2012 level crap.

    pixel scaled up 3X so you can see what I am talking about. Rendering out higher rez seems to not affect this issue either.

    ok I had to cave and increase point density. T_T

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    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    edited November 2019 #1363
    Nothing like rendering something for 34hours and finding something you dislike in the final pass on the last bit to render. . . . . . . .

    maybe worse go to run a patch render and walk off to return to a rebooted pc. Sigh I really am going to have to learn to accept crap wion10 as it is the only way to use new hdw. And boy do I need a new system. this 4770k just isnt cutting it. Think I might have a dodgy bit or ram as max when doing these 8k renders always takes a turd if I had rendered anything prior to sending a new render out.
    Post edited by MadKoiFish on
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    as far as I can manage screwing with booleans. Sick of the crashes and errors. So I am slowly push pulling it and using soft selection. I think I will need to start manually cutting crap in as it is all way too round in places.

    I might move this to arnold for rendering too depends on how well I can translate the textures and do what I want to. I liked how arnold dealt with lum like surfacing but I do not remember how easy it is to do blending and mixing with it.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • FreakFreak960 Posts: 4,135Member
    That is very Cool!.
    Though if a planet had half of it ripped off, would there still be water on the surface?
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Think in scales, also all the surfacing is temp I am not going to fuck with textures while I am still chopping up the mesh.

    Technically the water and even atmosphere would take a while to vent off into space even if a planet is smashed. Things like water and the atmosphere arn't going to vaporize instantly it'll disperse slowly. Also consider gravity just because it is broken up does not mean it vanishes. If you survived earth cracking up people on the far ends away from the crustal damage could likely live for a few years before things got to shit for them to exist without sealed enclosures. Example mars took thousands of years to get the way it is because of the lack of a magnetic core and it still has an atmosphere.

    One thing that wont be super accurate and more fantasy science is how little molten core I will have in the resulting image. Having nothing but glowing muck around the planet would be a bit boring. (again this crap would probably be glowing hot for many many years after the event.) I have also yet to decide if this will be or will not be a "m class" type planet or just some dirtball etc.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • scifiericscifieric717 Posts: 1,176Member
    I think this is looking spectacular thus far!
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801693 Posts: 9,832Member
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1386 CaliforniaPosts: 1,742Member
    edited November 2019 #1369
    Scary picture. I hope THAT never happens. :) As I think about it, water would be falling off the edges toward the core. What isn't clear is how far it would go. I guess it would also fall back toward the in tact mass.
    Post edited by Brandenberg on
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Depends if the break up is internal or a external impactor. I would think anything that could crak a planet would do more of a pit on one en where the impact took place and the opposite end would be shelled or whatever the term is when a chunk is sluffed off the opposite end from a impact. (watch some shooting videos on hard items stone etc. Oh another example are those shaped RPG things used on tanks where they sluff off a hunk of the armor to use as a projectile inside the tank. ANYHOO I think if a planet was struck it would blow a hole and stuff off the backside. Any water that is not vaporized around the hot points it would fall maybe a mile then vaporize. If you google or youtube for the highest waterfall it will show the water only gets so far before it turns into mist and is just absorbed into the atmosphere. With a planet say EARTH I would think the water would fall off any ledge low enough for it to and reach only a mile down before air current and heat would turn it to steam.

    I have not decided exactly what has caused this visual effect. Be it a internal fracturing or explosion or a external strike. I had a mess of clips on random and one of the jjtrek film credits started and made me consider doing some scifantasy like visual. Sadly what I wanted to do just wont work. and atm I am about to scratch what I have as I really want craggy edges, atm they are really smooth and rounded in the large scale Close in they are all craggy and nasty. Given what I managed to do with the push pull and relax tools I think what I will so is a high poly cut in and then use those tools to make it all craggy then ad din the displacement maps and bump maps. Too bad I cannot set the push pull to paint with a displacement map. I would love to do a jaggy layered like wafer stack that would build outward from the core.

    Heck I still have to figure out how I will fake the "BITS" as I cannot just cur and pull them out. I always loose the cut part in the boolean. So if I want properly keyed parts I have to recut as many times as I need those opposite parts. So a single boolean removal I have to invert that again on another bit of mesh. Real issue is cutting that resulting part into smaller chunks without a butfuck error fest. Seems even after all these years it is still a dodgy process. Add in max's classic boolean is now changed heavily and triangulates everything once you do an operand so loops and ringing etc edges is impossible so selecting mass loops or bands of polygon wont happen as tris wont loop or ring. EG it makes a fucking mess of things.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Meant to attach a image lol.
    Early stage rough cut vs what I had

    and a current one with a mess of push pull.

    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Made the counterpart lastnight, time to chop it up. Thought tempted to open this in 19 to try arnold out.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Bit of a break from manual rock chunking to do some random spray crap. Not sure about these, need to look more at dispersal methods and setting it to a multiple set of objects. I found a add on that makes random rocks but the mesh density is way too high for using as a spray or random chunks. Would be nice to have something that would randomly generate larger chunks as well as fine particles with various poly count so small things are not thousands of polys a pop.
    Oh well.
    Note the particles are unmapped, apparently it strips the materials off the object it is referring to.

    Example this rock is only 60polies. Issue is all the displacement mapping sure adds blarg to the render times. Probably small crap will just get a diffuse map.
    Really wish I could find my original rock map as the ones I am using do not seem to be as effective as the ones I did a number of years ago.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • FreakFreak960 Posts: 4,135Member
    This is looking great.
    Knowing you Dan, you will have the issues worked out in no time.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Had planned to use a hidden lum object to light things for the latter post work but clearly it wont work as the particles avoid collisions with the hidden object.


    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • VALKYRIE013VALKYRIE013319 Posts: 1,413Member
    Hmm Imagine your on a part that hurrled away? Wonder if one could survive?? :)

    Looking good sir!
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Shuttle bay opening in as well as a possible housing for shuttle ops, though I guess a ship this size really does not need one. Thinking of doing away with it as it disrupts the lines.

    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Said I was not going to do it but I did anyhow, least just this part of it. A sort of anti-chamber or lock system that would lead into a more complex multi level space. I doubt though I will model anything further in but it depends how the other externals go I might have to block something in to make sure I do not have spaces overlapping or too tight to fit them in.
    Also noting that I am pushing the limits of the wires, bit of segs getting in in the render ignoring the hard edge of the black gloss material.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • scifiericscifieric717 Posts: 1,176Member
    This is beautiful work, Madkoifish!
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    Thanks, various doodahs and bits around the bridge and bay doors.


    Each day we draw closer to the end.
  • MadKoiFishMadKoiFish2793 Right in the plumsPosts: 4,403Member
    More upper decks stuff.
    Each day we draw closer to the end.
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