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3DAkira Class



  • FreakFreak941 Posts: 4,090Member
    I have to agree with Chris, there are some section that look like a right B**** to model.
    But it looks like you done a great job getting the hull done.
  • lewisnivenlewisniven1070 UKPosts: 238Member
    edited November 2019 #183
    Thanks guys, it is a bit of an ordeal. There's so many subtle curves that all have to line up, just a case of chipping away at it I guess. Anyway, back to the Akira, been playing around with lighting a bit more;

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  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801481 Posts: 9,703Member
    The Akira is looking great and your lighting is looking really sweet. :)
  • Polaris 004Polaris 004199 Posts: 752Member
    lewisniven wrote: »
    the scale of the task is beginning to dawn on me now...

    Yeah, but you've got a great part of the heavy lifting in place. That secondary hull and the saucer transition seem like the more challenging parts to me, but then I've never attempted this ship. It's looking great so far.

    Yep, that one is a total pain to try to get right. I Only managed to get it about 93% there on my mesh. This looks incredible. I'm jealous.
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