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3DBTL-B Y-wing (WIP)

YIIMMYIIMM179 Posts: 96Member
It's that time of year again where I try to take up 3d modelling again. Last time I tried making something similar I swiftly ended up with a mass of unmanageable topology.

I'll try and do a better job of it this time




  • FreakFreak987 Posts: 4,232Member
    Looks like your off to a good start.
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801833 Posts: 9,995Member
    Yep, it looks like a great start. :)
  • YIIMMYIIMM179 Posts: 96Member
    Thank you very much for the kind words :3

    More work on the nacelles and a bit of messing about with emitter materials:

  • shaved_apeshaved_ape316 USAPosts: 129Member
    Of all of the Star Wars vehicles, from all of the movies, the Y-Wing will always be my favorite. From that first moment I saw it on the big screen, I immediately fell in love. A close second was the B-Wing, from ROTJ...guess I have a thing for odd-looking space ships. :)
  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801833 Posts: 9,995Member
    I'm a big Y-Wing fan myself, especially the original design. But, I like how they showed on Clone Wars what they looked like with all of their armor.

    The build is looking good. Sometimes, you can spend as long working on glows and other materials as you can modeling. (sometimes even longer)
  • BrandenbergBrandenberg1481 CaliforniaPosts: 1,846Member
    edited August 2019 #7
    My favorite Star Wars ships are the Imperial Lambda class Shuttle Tydirium and the Hammerhead Corvette. Your Y-Class is really coming along.

    I haven't done the Lambda Class but have done a HHC.


    Post edited by Brandenberg on
  • YIIMMYIIMM179 Posts: 96Member
    Remodelled the cockpit to have better topology and blended it with the turret and guns. Quick and dirty animation just for fun and to see if I can rig a turret correctly.

    Next to do is mostly just panelling and greebles


  • evil_genius_180evil_genius_1801833 Posts: 9,995Member
    It looks good. I like the animation, it definitely looks rigged correctly.
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