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Forum Updates: Email Delivery and Mobile Template

GuerrillaGuerrilla777 HelsinkiPosts: 2,855Administrator
Have been working on some things behind the scenes.

Email delivery problems mostly sorted
After a not entirely insignificant amount of very tedious server admin work, our emails are finally set up in a way that should find their way into most inboxes. This is more relevant to new members, who need to confirm their emails before posting stuff, but it also means your notifications should get to you more reliably. Do check the spam folder, if you're not seeing messages that you're expecting. I've been confirming people manually, but that shouldn't be necessary any longer.

New(ish) mobile theme
So, I reworked the mobile theme into something a little more functional on a smaller screen and in a vertical layout. All the forum functionality should now be usable in the mobile version as well. As usual, you can report bugs you find in here.
Comco: i entered it manually in the back end
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  • cavebearcavebear179 Posts: 623Member
    Wow! This looks so much better. Can't wait to see if I can find the stuff I used to like to look at.
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