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Star Trek News and Rumour's

FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
edited May 13 in General Discussion #1
I had a quick look around see if there was a general discussion on Star Trek.
The only think I could find was on the topic of the teaser trailer of STD when it was first announced and part way though Season 1, which died out shortly after. I am guess the general senses here is that STD is the worst Trek show to date, otherwise that thread would be still active.

Let keep the discussion friendly, just because you have a different opinion on something does not mean you start throwing mud around.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, let respect that.

Anyway, I am starting this thread for a general discussion on all Trek News and Rumours.
To get the ball rolling, I got some news for you lucky lot living in the States.

The Deep Space Nice Documentary "What We Left Behind" is only available in Cinema Today 05/13/19.
As for the rest of living outside of the States, still no news on when we will be able to see it.
But what I heard from people that have already seen it, it very good and one of the best Trek Documentary's made so far.

Here is Trailer for the Documentry.

Here is a interview with Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, Andrew Robinson and Ira Steven Behr about the in Documentary.
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  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    edited May 13 #2
    So it goes from good news to bad.
    Patrick Stewart has just announced that the up coming Picard Series will not be on Netflix but Amazon Prime.
    Below is to the announcement on the official Star Trek Twitter account.

    It has not been a secret that Netflix has not been happy with CBS and the direction they are taking Star Trek in.
    Netflix paid CBS and unknown sum of money for all past Star Trek shows and the exclusive rights to show Star Trek Discovery and future shows internationally, this pretty much paid for season 1 of STD and weather the show did well or not CBS would not lose out.
    However due the fan reception of STD and what was produced, Netflix was not happy as they wanted Star Trek and got something far from it. Shortly after Season 1 had finished airing Netflix slammed on the breaks and informed CBS that they will not be paying anything more toward STD and demanded the show be brought back inline with the rest of the Trek shows. This meant CBS now had to foot the budget of season 2 on their own.
    Given what we got for season 2, needless to say the fan base and Netflix where extremely unhappy as CBS attempt to fix the show just made it worse.

    Netflix and other dirtabutor along with CBS Mechanise Partners where brought in to CBS to look at what was planned for the Picard Series. (Story outlines, look of the show, costumes etc) None of them where happy what where planned and outright refused to pick up the licences to show and make products for it. Unless the show goes back to looking and being more inline with TNG, DS9 and Voyager and not a continuation of the look of STD and the JJ films.
    With only a few months before production was to begin. CBS told Alex Kurtzman to make the changes, it was leaked he was not happy with being forces to change everything. Alot of the new changer where rejected again and Kurtzman was told to go back and redo everything. With all this going on the Picard Series missed it start date and any leaked news/rumours dried up until this announcement.

    So with this announcement what does it mean? Well it looks like Netflix is still unhappy with the Picard Series and had pulled out, this is also most likely the case with Mechanise Partners.
    Given the timeframe CBS gave Kurtzman to make these major changes that was demanded, it unlikely the majority of them could be made as they had already gone past their film production start date and thefore would be losing money with having to pay for the sound stage, production staff, actors etc sitting around and not doing anything.

    Now I don't know about you guys, I don't have Amazon Prime as I don't use the site often enough to warrant it and when I did use the free trail I found their steaming service a joke, with having to pay extra for some content.
    about 99% of the people I know don't have Amazon Prime and not all of them are into Star Trek. However all of them do have Netflix. Needless to say, I would not surprise if this the case for most people and I am unwilling to pay for it just to watch this show. As Alex Kurtzman said, I'll go round to a friends house to watch it if it any good. Which I don't has it Kurtzman.
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  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    Jesus, what a shitshow. I have Prime as well, so I'm not bothered, but still. Good on Netflix for keeping their ground though.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    Yeah it sure is, their is a lot of back ground stuff I have been hearing about that not been reported on.
    This is all to do with the licences and Bad Robot.
  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    I keep hearing conflicting stories on that. From what I understand there shouldn't be any license issues at all. CBS owns everything. The problem is that the folks at Bad Robot like the JJ style, while others folks from CBS don't. So you get a clash of ideas going.

    This does spell disaster for the Picard show though. I had heard about the design problems before, but didn't know about Netflix's involvement on that.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    CBS does own all except for the rights to realise movies. That is owned by paramount. Problem come from the deal made with Paramount/Bad Robot. When CBS made that deal part of it was that CBS could not make a TV show for ten year, as a non-compete from when they realise their film (Star Trek 09).
    CBS started work on Discovery before the ten years was up, which is fine. However CBS wanted to realise it before the ten years was up, because it was to be the lurnch show of CBSAA. So not to breach the contract, Fuller was let go and Kurtzman an employee of Bad Robot was brought to over see the show.
    This is when the show went from being in line with Cannon to being more in line with the J.J films.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    It is already well known that the as of yet untitled Star Trek Picard would be a CBS All Access exclusive in the US. Many assumed that international distribution would be handled by Netflix, seeing as they have the international distribution rights for Star Trek Discovery - but on May 13th, Patrick Stewart himself announced it would be broadcast on Amazon Prime in international markets.

    The Video below explains what could have transpired behind the scenes to cause such a breakdown in relations that the international rights for Picard ended up with someone OTHER THAN Netflix.

    The Video below also tires to explain the mess that is the Star Trek Rights and who can do what.

  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    Yeah, I don't trust any of what that channel has. He just says a lot of random stuff and it's never in line with other reports and also almost never correct. Fuller was let go because he didn't want to follow Star Trek canon and just wanted to do his own thing. Kurtzman has a lot of flaws, but he did just spend a whole season trying to correct a lot of the bullshit Fuller created. The square nacelles were all Fuller for instance.

    I also never heard about that contract thing with Paramount and CBS not being able to release a show. The actual contract is that Paramount has to develop a new movie or they lose the rights.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    I would not post it, if it was just coming from once source. I am hearing the information from a few, some who are know to work in the industry. Midnight Edge try to confirm what they report from more that one Source, weather that is someone leaking information or official realised information.

    I agree Fuller was no angel, after all he was behind the change to the look of the Klingons and the square nacelles. Which from what I heard was only meant for Discovery not all the rest of the Starfleet ships.

    Robert Mayer Burrnett has said that he has seen Fuller outline for the show and it nothing like what we got. As he is the only one claiming this I take it with a little bit of salt, and wait until it has been backed up.
    With that said Robert Mayer Burrnett says that the Spore Drive was not engine but a terraforming device. The Targrade was not a plot device, but a member of the crew more in line to Chewie from War for the Chief Engineer.
    He has also mention that each season was to be set in a different time frame, this I did hear back when that god awful teaser trailer for the show dropped.

    From what I understand when Viacom Paramount brock up, all the Star Trek rights and other TV shows went to CBS.(If you now watch an old paramount show from the 90's at the end you will not see the Paramount logo as this has been replaced with CBS logo.) However with Trek, Paramount got to keep the rights to all past movies and sole distribution of any future films. This meant they could make films and use the name Star Trek. But they could not use anything from the TV shows without CBS agreeing.
    So Paramount wanted to make a film and brought in JJ Abrams and Bad Robot who was the golden boy of Hollywood at that time. It was them that came up with the current issue with Trek, after all they are a business and in it to make money.

    As for Kurtzman yeah he tired to correct the mistake of season 1 but by doing so made a bigger mess of it.
    There is no doubt that Kurtzman can make a studio money in the short term. But in the long he F's up any franchise he touches. He was the writer behind the first three live action Transformer films. (The first being okay but the rest are a hot mess.) He was put in charge of Sony's Amazing Spider-Man Universe, which died short after the second film came out. Sony have started again with Venom and without Kurtzman.
    He was put in charge of Universal's Dark Universe franchise, which was killed off before it could really get started and he was brought back to Trek. This is not the man you want to run a beloved franchise.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    Some news on the DS9 Doc "What We Left Behind", it coming to DVD/Bluray and streaming in August. As to which streaming service, it has not yet been announced.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    CBS had it annual “upfront” presentation for advertisers yesterday and they have finally revealed the title to Sir Patrick Stewarts New trek show.

    It will be know as Star Trek: Picard


    Really, that the name you came up with? This was the best possible title for the show you could come up with.
    Any hope I have for this show is slowly disappearing. That not to say I won't give it a chance, but at this point I am not expecting a lot.

    In other news, CBS also confirmed that in Canada, Picard will be airing on Space.
    I find it interesting that for the States and the rest of the world we have to pay for a subscription service, but in Canada they don't. Yes I know Space is a cable channel, but most people already having this and I would not be surprised that it thrown in with their Broadband connection or the other way around.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    edited May 18 #12
    Found a leaked picture from the shoot of the Star Trek: Picard. It also gives us a look at what the Uniforms of this timeframe will look like.


    The Uniform looks just like the early DS9 Jumpsuit with some very minor changes made to it. (A larger collar)
    There dose not appear to much other details with the uniform though looking at the Vulcan? in the blue uniform, the ranking pips are now above the com badge.

    Some have pointed out that it not the DS9 uniform but the one that was seen in Alex Kurztman Countdown Comic that tired into JJ 09 film.


    Personal, I don't see it as has been taken to far away to see the uniform properly.

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  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    Yeah, this is turning out to be a bummer so far. And the uniforms don't really look like the Sierra uniform. In fact, they look pretty underwhelming. I didn't know Kurtzman wrote that comic though. Means Data returning is possibly canon then.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    I had to look up Sierra uniform. I have not played ST: Online except for the intro.
    I would not put that comic as cannon. I don't even count STD as cannon as the show is so bad and the retconning in it a joke and insult to everything that has come before.

    For me Cannon is TOS, some episodes that are linked to live action shows from TAS (Gene Roddenberry did state that was not cannon.) TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT and all movies up to Nemesis. so Romulus is still in one peace post Nemesis.

    STD is the timeline that Romulus was destroyed and that Spock went back and create the Kelvin Timeline.

  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    Here is a better look at the uniform from the upper chest up.

    I have to say I am not impressed and it looks cheap.
  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    Yeah, that sucks :tongue:
  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    Seems not all is well with the Amazon deal:
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    Yeah I saw that this morning when I got up.
    Was not going to mentioned the Amazon thing until I had seen it pop up in a few other places.

    This Rumour is never going to be confirmed from a main steam news site, unless Amazon says something.
    Gary is right about Netflix and CBS not being on good terms. Why would they pass on Picard if thing are okay behind the scene? They won't unless they know Picard is going to be just as bad as STD.

    CBS should just bite the bullet pull the Kurtzman and Bad Robot deal. Talk to Rick Berman and few others like Ira Steven Behr and go from there. With someone that knows and care about Trek and it legacy, anything new, will be better received than anything Kurtzman and co will put out.
  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    Not sure if getting Rick Berman back is wise. I would be onboard with getting Ron Moore in though. Let him write a real Trek show. Not sure if he would be interested as he has Apple money coming in now.
  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    edited May 23 #20
    Yeah Berman stumbled towards the end. But he did know how to make a TV show, he did do 18 years of constant Trek all of witch were well with in Budget. The guy was a genius when it came to producing.
    Just think what sort of Trek he could have done on the production side with the money spent on STD.
    He also did write or come up with the story for some great Trek episodes, but he also came up with some real stinkers. (At least now he willing to admit it.)

    If I was CBS, I would have Berman run the Production side of things. If that was not possiable someone that can produce very good shows when working on a small budget. That way when they got the sort of money that was spent on STD, they would not waste it and put it to good use.
    For show runners I try and get Moore, Cotto or Behr. We all know that Moore and Behr are good writers and showrunners, So is Cotto who was really turning Enterprise around when it was cancelled.
    I would even try and get Michael and Denise Okuda back not just to do the graphics but also to make sure that cannon is mainly stuck to. If that is not possiable have them as consultants.

    With the right core people that love a respect Trek, you'll will get a TV show that is loved by the fans and willing to spend their money on it. Or CBS can carry on having the wrong people that don't give a crap about trek and see it only as a way to make money and killing the franchise. The fans don't want anything to do with this and therefore don't spend their money on it.
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  • FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
    So a Teaser for Picard Dropped Yesterday. CBS has it region locked to North America, but thankful youtube come to the aid of those living outside the North America.

    This Teaser dose nothing for me. The shots look good, but it does not grab me, which is the freaking point of trailers.
    Also if you remove the Voiceover and labels from the wine bottles, this could be any futuristic sci-fi film.
    Talking about the voice over. It's looking the biggest rescue in the history of Alpha and Beta Quadrant is the destruction of Romulus.

    Any hope I had for this show is dying out. If Picard does turn out to be good I will be pleasantly surprised, but give who running things that not likely.
  • ViperViper401 Posts: 387Administrator
    The choice of having the voice over not be from Stewart also confused me. It's not like they are revealing something everyone doesn't know.
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