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USS Enterprise NCC 1701. No bloody A-B-C-D or E!

FreakFreak350 Posts: 3,222Member
edited May 11 in Finished Work #1
Scifieric Tut on building the Original got me back into 3D, after Six years away from it.
This was the first Picture I did once I had finished the build.

[Scotty walks up to the holodeck and activates it]
Computer Voice: Please enter program.
Scotty: The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship. Let me see it.
Computer Voice: Insufficient data. Please specify parameters.
Scotty: [frustrated] The Enterprise. Show me the Enterprise, you chatterin’ piece of…
Computer Voice: There have been nine Federation ships with that name. Seven in the Cannon Timeline, Two in the Kelvin Timeline and one in STD Timeline. Please specify by registry number and Timeline.
Scotty: N-C-C-1-7-0-1. No bloody A – B – C – D or E! No Bloody Kelvin or STD Timelines!!
The Enterprise modelled and render in Blender 2.79a

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