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Viper's Star Wars random projects

ViperViper1017 Posts: 632Administrator
edited April 2019 in Work in Progress #1
I've been in need of a break from Star Trek, and just modelling in general and figured I'd try to do some Star Wars art. So I'll throw anything I do on this thread. Won't be going for insane amount of accuracy and detail like on my Constitution as that just takes too much time. Anyway, Cybermonkey was doing some ISD renders on Discord with Ansels model, thought I'd give it a try as well. Here's a general render and then a closeup of the textures I did for it. Very subtle, might need to make it more obvious:

Also did this render with the excellent model by Angelos Karderinis and Howard:

And then did some color grading to make it look closer the to the Star Wars movies. Might need more tweaking:

Finally, decided to model a ship as well. I was going to do the Hammerhead from Rogue One, but I figured I'd try something a bit more freeform first. This is inspired by the Jedi ship from The Old Republic, but it's supposed to be a bigger ship than the runner. Still blocking out the shapes:

Comments and ideas welcome :)
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