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3DNew White Star from Chris Kuhn

trekkitrekki371 Posts: 942Member
A new object from Chris Kuhn
White Star


  • DarkoneDarkone176 Posts: 258Member
    God I love that ship!:notworthy:
    Miss B5!:confused::mad:
    Real sad now!:(
    Going to bed and crying for our loss, of good SYFY shows!:help:
    Thanks for memory's!:thumb:
  • Rusty0918Rusty0918226 Posts: 402Member
    B5 was definitely a masterpiece. And the White Star vessels were beautiful.
  • trekkitrekki371 Posts: 942Member
    Do not be sad. Here is the B5
  • DarkoneDarkone176 Posts: 258Member
    Well thank you you have my gratitude!:thumb:
    But where the hell is B5 remake?:confused:
    Love that show!:p
    Once again real sad, due to the wonderful work you did!:(
    Oh the sadness!:argh:
    thanks again:D
  • gusdorfgusdorf172 Posts: 47Member
    Great work. Never enough B5 images out there.
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