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Artist: PaidSouth East UK Creator Sought

DannageDannage198 Posts: 614Member
Happy new year everybody!

For all the CBS bashing that goes on, I have noticed that trying to get people to form a community without offering payment has fallen on 12 months of complete non-interest. :) Either I'm crap at pitching, or people just don't care about the universe because they don't know anything about it, because I haven't produced anything decent for people to come to see.

So, it is with heavy heart, I realise the world will have to be monetised if it's to see the light of day and to that end, this year I'm putting aside my feeble attempts to be creative, and instead dipping into savings. Perhaps if I can hire some people to bring some of my ideas to light, others might become interested and in 2020, some people might be willing to collaborate for free!

I am seeking someone based in London or Essex in the UK. I don't want a faceless mystery bit of vapourware on the other end of a screen, I want to meet in person. I want to show you the series bible (It's a half full A5 lever arch!) and I want to talk you through both the vision and the first specific project of 2019. We can also talk rates and when I realise you're way too expensive, I will end up asking for smaller things but hey, at least you'll dictate the price up front.

The goal is to get enough content to provide a small revenue source, so that the project work can then become self sufficient and pay for more artists to contribute.

Please contact me through DM on here or check out my YouTube or Twitter accounts. Note I don't get on here super-regularly, so I might take a little while to reply!

Please note, though I'm resorting to cold, hard cash - the idea behind this was to protect it from the big licensed studios issues by keeping it community based and effectively open sourced. The original idea was to provide materials and a universe for fan-film makers to make shows using the stuff we made for them. (The second main goal was to stop everyone getting drowned in a sea of noise making their 'own project solo' stuff and working together for a common project!) - To that end, if you are a designer, artist, texture artist, clothes maker, musician, actor, writer, producer, carpenter, glue-crazed-spider-monkey, and are willing to provide your services for nothing more than 'credit' then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Location based restrictions are just for the paying gig.


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