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2DFilling in some of the 23rd-24th Century (AKA my unskilled PS Trek doodles)

StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
For a while now I've been slowly putting together a collection of ideas for an "idealised" Enterprise-C interior, one that (like the Probert concept) doesn't lean quite so heavily upon the Movie-era aesthetics of a good 40 years earlier... The intention is to create a set of rough blueprints, mockups, and PS paintovers for the commissioning of a new Bridge and other areas in 3D, and to better flesh out the "lost years" before TNG.

With that in mind, below are the first rough images of what direction I'm taking the Okudagrams in: A "final install" version, which hints at the LCARS to come. The colors are currently sticking to the movie era, but that may yet change.

E-C Okudagrams Door Control.jpg

E-C Okudagrams final install.jpg

I'm pretty satisfied with the "door control" type panel layout, but I know the other input panel needs a bit more fleshing out. Ideas? Suggestions? :)


  • FANGsFANGs414 Posts: 79Member
    Nice! Do you use Inkscape or PS? I'm definetely looking forward to see more!
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Thanks @FANGS! I'm what most would call a low-level PS user :)
  • RekkertRekkert3660 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,263Member
    Glad you're posting these! :) Certainly nothing low-level here, keep at it mate!
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  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Cheers buddy! In fact probably the main reason I've finally started posting was your feedback. :thumb:

    So here's another element I've been working on; corridor deck/section signage. I'm basing these primarily off some of the old TNG pre-production concepts done by (I think?) Mike Okuda, as I felt they made an ideal go-between for the Movie and early TNG eras. The colors are intended to match up with the various Movie-era divisions, to denote the function of a particular section in that deck.
    Corridor Signage - Engineering copy.jpg
    Corridor Signage - Sciences copy.jpg
    Corridor Signage - Medical copy.jpg
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    mdta thanks for sharing those; they may be handy for the Constellation bridge (and possibly for what she looked like when launched!). :thumb: I love the extra commentary regarding how they were expected to function!

    What I'm working on here is a link between the Generations style of Okudagrams and labelling/signage, and what we saw by the time of early TNG. :)
  • mdtamdta385 Posts: 93Member
    You should consider the colour scheme and font choices.

    Something between the Narrow fonts of LCARS, and a bridge between the Blue and Green of the Movie Era, and the Orange, Purples, Creams, and Pinks of TNG LCARS
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    The font type is staying as it is; though as I mentioned in the initial post I may decide to tweak the color scheme (not much, as I'm quite fond of the traditional palette - and besides which, remember that early TNG was more of a mix of olive green and blues). ;)

    I don't want to go overboard when it comes to bridging the gap, and I already have a proto-LCARS -the immediate successor to these- that I've been putting together; it holds minor elements and references back to the Movie era. It's intended to be installed sometime in the 2340s. I'll post those at a later date, but for now:

    Standard doorsign, based on some of the Generations signage but with a TNG touch
    Signage - Doorsign.jpg

    And some example labels. I figure by this point in time, Starfleet has migrated fully away from the bigger 4:3 ratio labels, to something akin to TNG (though a touch bigger). As with the previous corridor signs, labels are dept color-coded according to designation. Here we have:
    1) Engineering systems
    2) General use labels
    3) Critical systems
    4) Medical equipment
    Signage - Labels.jpg
  • DannageDannage236 Posts: 634Member
    This stuff is all super nice. I have been thinking about the not-okudagrammed-LCARS-without-copyright-replacement for my universe and how to make it nice without looking like I'm trying to copy Star Trek. Since you seem more skilled than you're willing to admit, mind giving us starters some tips, and then passing judgement on our vague attempts to mimic your work? :) ... And would we have to call you Sensei?
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Thanks @Dannage! :thumb:

    I'm really not that skilled tbh; for example the corridor signs are little more than a PS traceover and embellishment of some old Mike Okuda art....

    Maybe my best piece of advice with regards signage or GUI would be to first get a good example of an existing design / style that you like, and then rework it to create a "visual reference", adding and removing elements until you reach a look that best suits what you're aiming for. Once you've arrived at an aesthetic that you like, you can use that visual ref to create new pieces based upon it.

    Hopefully that makes sense! Happy to DM if you'd like to discuss what you're working on some more :)
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Initial idea for what the early bridge display screens might have looked like for the USS Constellation prototype at the time of her launch by the late 2270s/early 2280s... The layout is based upon one of Uhura's upper displays, while the content is informed by one of the TWOK-era Engineering readouts.

    Connie Engineering Screen.jpg

    I'm looking to strike a balance between the background screens on the USS Saratoga at the start of The Voyage Home, and those we saw on the Enterprise-A at the end; so I may yet decide to make the graphics borders thinner and square-edged (or even lose them entirely), and add a smidgen more color.

    Ideas? Opinions? Rotten vegetables?
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Another one; based on what I think is an Impulse Reactor Ignition control... or something...

    Connie Engineering Screen 2.jpg

    I've added a touch more color ala the Saratoga's displays for this one; I'm pretty sure I'll be going with straight-edged and incomplete borders from here on in.
  • RekkertRekkert3660 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,263Member
    Really nice! I love the TVH/Ent-C okudagrams, they look a lot more fresh than the TUC style I think (maybe because we saw less of them).
    For all my finished Trek fan art, please visit my portfolio
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Cheers! Yes, I always felt that was a missed opportunity not seeing the full 1701-A bridge... Though I'll also say I'm finding I like the Saratoga's "blues plus some colors" palette a bit more. :)
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Some more from the prototype Constellation; this time three screens for the lower Science display; intended to evoke Spock's honeycomb library computer diagnostic in its three onscreen color variants:

    Connie Science Computer Core 01.jpgConnie Science Computer Core 02.jpgConnie Science Computer Core 03.jpg

    In hindsight I should have modified the "code" text layer for each one, but tbh I couldn't be bothered in the end :lol:
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Not really PS (apart from newly added watermark lol), these were done a decade or so ago on MS Paint, based on stuff I'd done even earlier. @Rusty0918 reminded me of these when he was talking about a potential commission for one of Jay Hurst's Ingram-class variants:

    Int-Ingram copy.png

    Int-Ingram copy 2.png

    The first was designed to be an amalgam of TVH and TUC aesthetics, reflecting the exterior design itself; while IIRC the second was intended to depict how the class would look after its first refit. The Helm consoles were -roughly- based upon the Excelsior type seen in STIII.
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Almost forgot to post this! With @Rekkert's generous approval, below is my extensive rework of one of his previous commissions' floorplans into the Main Bridge of Ambassador-class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C.


    The design here takes elements from the Galaxy-class (providing the initial 2D components), as well as Excelsior, SeanR's bridge, and a couple other designs. At some later stage I'll be posting the TNG-era USS Excalibur (as well as working up a side profile of the walls/consoles and drawing the faces of the consoles themselves, which sit midway between TNG and TUC). And yes: that is a table for a tea cup. :D

    NB: I know the canon-obsessed will cry havoc, but the bridge we saw was IMHO from anything but a Ship of the Line. I'm going with the interpretation that it was either Auxiliary Control, or a predecessor to the TNG Battle Bridge (since it was the same set as the TNG S3/4 Battle Bridge, it'd make sense).

    Thoughts, comments, harsh language? I'll take any of the above but please keep back the rotten vegetables - I've already had my five a day... ;)
  • Rusty0918Rusty0918266 Posts: 451Member
    I had the same feeling about the Sutherland bridge we saw in TNG's ""Redemption II."" That looked more like an auxiliary control room than a proper bridge. My assumption was it was either that or a temporary bridge.

    I actually had in mind a re-dress of the Constellation bridge that Rekkert just did for an Ambassador bridge with similar console placement. This would be as it appeared starting in the early 2350's (with the newer LCARS computer system) as well as doors flanking the viewer (ready room and turbolift) while the aft doors are a turbolift and egress corridor.
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Lol I actually have the beginnings of a PS mockup I did months ago for the Sutherland's ""real"" bridge! Will see if I can find it when I'm home...

    For the Ambassador variants, like SeanR I'm aiming squarely in between the Galaxy and Excelsior classes, as the ""Constellation type"" was first seen on the Hathaway, and reused for the Bozeman -- and overall seems a bit anachronistic to me, for a new class in the 2320s :)

    ETA: Here's the (WIP) blueprint @Rusty0918; I'll avoid posting the PS drawover I'd been working on for now, as once I took a look at it I remembered there's quite a bit to do still as yet! :lol:

    WIP Sutherland Bridge copy.png
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Retcon of the USS Excalibur bridge from the Peter David ""New Frontiers"" comics and novels based on my above reimagining of the Enterprise C bridge. As with the comics version, it's not much different apart from the obvious horseshoe rail.

  • RekkertRekkert3660 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPosts: 2,263Member
    Interesting! I like that Excalibur bridge very much! Is that a Parallels style horseshoe?
    For all my finished Trek fan art, please visit my portfolio
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Thanks @Rekkert! :) It sort of is; IIRC I had in mind a simpler version (without the lit strips, and the LCARS panel being set at a better angle than the canon one). The console between the two command seats is based on the units Troi and Riker used on the Ent-D.
  • TrekMDTrekMD192 Posts: 639Member
    Cool stuff. I like that bridge design for the Excalcibur.
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Thanks @TrekMD! Much appreciated :)
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Was going to post another Ent-C Okudagram WIP, but after discussions in @Rekkert's 3D interiors thread I thought I'd upload this instead:

    Generic Battle & Warship Bridge - Valiant.png

    This is a late 2370s ""generic Warship / Battle Bridge module"" designed to plug in to new generation warships (sorry, escorts) post-Defiant, as well as into the secondary hulls of standard large Explorers such as the Galaxy and Nebula-classes. The basic version gets plugged into warships unmodified, while implementation on other vessels involves some minor aesthetic mods. The example here was installed to the prototype for the Valiant-class.

    Included is a cross section of the main buttresses, based on the profile of the TFF/TUC era versions; but a little sharper edged, and at something like 2.5 times the thickness.

    The image isn't finished, as there are some further changes needed (eg two different versions, appropriate seating, etc etc...).
  • Rusty0918Rusty0918266 Posts: 451Member
    You know Starscream - when the USS Galaxy gets upgraded to BGO edition (in my continuity), I was thinking the battle bridge could be further modified to have a few Defiant-class elements, since it she is refitted to be more war-ship like.
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Nice! The Galaxy/Nebula version of the above has the buttresses a tad bit more rounded, with some different detailing, plus standard Conn/Ops consoles and seating, of course :) Then it gets coated with a more ""Galaxy/Nebula appropriate"" coating and carpet, rather than Dark Warship Grey. Still working the fine details out on both though, as yet...
  • Rusty0918Rusty0918266 Posts: 451Member
    Starscream wrote: »
    Nice! The Galaxy/Nebula version of the above has the buttresses a tad bit more rounded, with some different detailing, plus standard Conn/Ops consoles and seating, of course :) Then it gets coated with a more ""Galaxy/Nebula appropriate"" coating and carpet, rather than Dark Warship Grey. Still working the fine details out on both though, as yet...

    Well, the USS Galaxy in Battle Group Omega edition does have Dark Warship Gray. The idea is she's the flagship of Battle Group Omega and she's refitted into a 3-nacelled AGT variant.
  • StarscreamStarscream231 Posts: 1,049Member
    Ah, I see. Would you not be doing a hefty refit (or rather, replacement) to the main bridge in that case? Those smooth curves etc don't lend themselves to dark greys - a more Sovereign style might work better in that color. :)
  • Rusty0918Rusty0918266 Posts: 451Member
    Eh, Battle Group Omega has a Sovereign-class vessel, so using the same bridge isn't really an option.
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