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3DMy First Completed project wioth Blnder/Borartists.

dcomprimedcomprime1 Posts: 0Member
Hey everyone....well....I did something that I have never done with a program that I never use before. That's is making a Donut with Blender/Bforartists.. I was very discouraged at first but after the Tutorial I found and some great words, I just gave it a shot and it worked out.

So, please, give me some feedback on my first Blender project, it will mean allot.

I will now be going back and working mine on my police Drone that started.

Yummy, radioactive


  • rojrenrojren485 Louisville, Kentucky USAPosts: 1,573Member
    I like the icing drips on the donuts, but the proportions of the donuts are way off... unless they're home made, then they're only a little off. But then they're too regular. mMMMMMmmmm... donuts.
  • dcomprimedcomprime1 Posts: 0Member
    LOo....oh ya, the proportions are Wayyyyy off...but mainly I was just trying to get used to Blender, so this was just a test run.
  • DarkoneDarkone176 Posts: 258Member
    Dammit now I'm HUNGRY!
  • dcomprimedcomprime1 Posts: 0Member
    Haha...sorry...MMMmmm Donuts...
    Darkone wrote: »
    Dammit now I'm HUNGRY!
  • japetusjapetus837 SeattlePosts: 1,016Member
    Might want to check the normals smoothing on the max they're called Smoothing Groups, not sure what the equivalent is in Blender.
  • dcomprimedcomprime1 Posts: 0Member
    The smoother does help.
  • DarkoneDarkone176 Posts: 258Member
    Nice, look!
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