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3DSpace X Mars Express

liam887liam887241 ViperPosts: 564Member
Space X Mars shuttle braking into Mars parking orbit.

Powered by a Linear Fusion Gasdynamic Mirror Engine it's able to complete a 170 day round trip between Earth and Mars on a standard Brachistochrone trajectory (accelerating to 50% distance then flipping around and decelerating for the remaining 50%).

This specific ship has been contracted by the Chinese government to transport workers for the Mars Elevator construction programme. It will be met in Mars orbit by a fleet of small shuttles to re-supply and perform basic maintenance before the trip back to Earth.



  • dertiendertien0 Posts: 1Member
    This is very cool - reminds me of the shuttle in the movie Outland from 1981 with Sean Connery
  • P5ych0p4thP5ych0p4th408 GermanyPosts: 273Member
    Love it! ... Always nice to see some realistic artificial gravity 👍
  • FreakFreak804 Posts: 3,991Member
    That a great looking near future ship.
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