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3DHammerhead Corvette

BrandenbergBrandenberg1195 CaliforniaPosts: 1,631Member
edited October 2017 in Finished Work #1
The Hammerhead Corvette in Rogue 1 took out 2 Star Destroyers and the shield gate. Not bad for a days work. There are so many renditions of this in all shapes and sizes. The Rogue 1 model is longer. I did something between the animated series and Rogue 1. There are elements in the Rogue 1 model that appeared on a Corellian CR-90 someone posted on these forums a while back. I re-drew and used those, with compliments to the original artist.

Note : I toned down the "plating" you see in some of the closeups of this ship. It was a little too tiled for my taste.
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