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3DDeath Star in Hyperspace test

LonewriterLonewriter228 Posts: 1,034Member
This is my first render in almost a year. I have never been without a computer this long but it took awhile to save up enough money to buy a new one. I watched Rogue One (great movie, BTW) and when Tarkin ordered the Death Star from Jedha to Eadu I was expecting the Death Star to go in hyperspace but it never did so I thought I would try to make a render myself. I'm putting it here in the WIP section because it needs a lot of work and I forgot half of the stuff I used to know how to do. I know the lighting is the biggest problem so any suggestions will be helpful; btw, I'm using Lightwave.

Death Star mesh by Jedi Knight Toren Depor (aka Filmmaker Matt Pfingsten)
Hyperspace mesh by [email protected]
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