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need some prices for some Star Wars stuff

I'm looking a few things drawn up, the Acclamator and the Venator in kit form.

i have limited reference material as a lot from the web has either been removed or vanished but i know there are some in here that have worked those ships out at some point

i need prices for these 2 ships in the following scales:


i know the detailing will vary as the scale size increases.

i will be wanting to break the kits down in various pieces depending on the scale.

please do not email me as AOL has screwed with the mail and it's causes issues with everything else. you can send me a PM here or send me a message in my FaceBook page or a PM here (i'll just have to try to remember to check in daily)

i am looking for the work to be done and be correct (not something that looks something like it) and i expect a copy of the finished files.

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