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Star Trek Beyond:: SPOILERS!

DannageDannage171 Posts: 0Member
edited July 2016 in General Discussion #1
Okay, I've just seen the movie and I loved it. Had to say Pegg did a lot of good work there to bring about the old fashioned humour and all the cast were given a fair amount of screen time and stuff, a bit like Star Trek IV.

I did have one really burning question as I came out of the cinema though and I don't know if it would be a spoiler or not, since a lot of news about sci fi films seem to be out there on these forums months before films... which is why I don't follow so much. ;)

(For example, relationship between Kylo Ren and Han Solo was news to me when I watched Episode VII, and the 'final fate' took me by surprise... (At least, until they got onto that walkway!)

Anyway... My question:

Uhm... Okay, how do I make spoilers tags work??
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  • DannageDannage171 Posts: 0Member
    Ha... Okay..

    The thing I hate about the JJprise is mainly the proportions, not the design itself. Really, the Nacelles feel too close together for me and she looks a bit 'tall' at the back.

    At the end of the film, they have a new ship, due to the events in the film. When she ship flies out, it -looks- like it has more spread out nacelles. I cannot be sure if this was my eyesight, or a deliberate attempt to fix something the fans didn't like.. Does anyone know if the A was proportionally different?

    And if it's common knowledge they get a new ship, then... well... who knew?
  • nightfevernightfever176 Posts: 468Member
    There is a rip of the construction scene on Youtube. Bad quality but worth a second look.
  • TrekMDTrekMD176 Posts: 574Member
    I really enjoyed the movie and I liked what I saw at the end.
    The ship was indeed redesigned. The engines are different, the nacelles are wider apart, and the interconnecting dorsal has been moved forward. Overall the ship looks better proportioned. Here is a drawing that has been posted based on what was seen on screen:

    New Enterprise-A.jpg
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